Monday, August 25, 2008

Re- Done

She is complete and I love her so much. Her name is "Sas" as in short for Sassy. She is teal green, distressed and she is grateful for living in my little office. She is happy that some college kid did not buy her to adorn the front porch of his/ her college bungalow. She loves my office and this is where she shall live for many, many more years...

Just a little distressing, I did not want to hurt her... She is sensitive and sassy...
And a little more
She does have some cracks in her, but Curt re-enforced her so she will not pinch my legs anymore and she does not creek anymore either... Someone left her outside to rot and then they took her to a Goodwill when they thought she was a goner. Good thing my snappy little hubby swept her up for me... She really is a diamond in the rough... and now she is all polished and pretty...


  1. She looks totally Sassy. Love her!

  2. Ooooh, aaaahhh!!! Lookin good!!! She's ready to get to work!
    She is inspiring me to re-do some things around my house...

  3. OH! by the way, I figured out why I couldn't load some videos the other day. You're going to laugh and realize how silly I am...but maybe, JUST MAYBE, you had this problem too: they were too big. I guess you can only have 1 MB...and mine were a little over that. SO...I'll be making shorter videos from now on.
    Good luck. Did you ever get it figured out?!

  4. Oh I love her! You did and AWESOME job!

  5. I found your blog through Angie's and I LOVE this chair! I have several chair's very similar to this that I have inherited and not certain what to do with them but now... :-) Super cute!

  6. I love this chair. She is almost the same color as my frames we did! You have done a great job!!


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