Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Holiday Time 2009

Me and my beautiful sister, Katie. Baby Liam is keeping warm in her tummy for the time being.

This is my Granny Swan, she is my mom's mom. Isn't she beautiful? I cannot remember the last time we had a picture together.

What else can I say- he is adorable and he is all ours.

My brother and Curt went hunting, a Mommy deer was killed, I can't say much more than that it makes me sad.

My Dad and Miles catching a nap... Aren't they lucky?

I managed to get a picture of everyone but my Mom..... Sorry Mom, maybe next time.

We had a great holiday and enjoyed some great food.


We ran into these guys on Thanksgiving morning on our way to my parents house. They were hanging out in the Hardees parking lot.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Room With A View

Every single day I wake up to this... Every single day it is a little bit different. Today it was so majestic that I had to grab the camera. So at 5:15am I was on the balcony freezing my booty off trying to catch the perfect shot.
Pretty amazing, don't you agree?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Using the bathroom and such

Will I ever use the bathroom in privacy again?

What is the facination with a Mommy who just wants to do her business in peace?

I literally used the bathroom today with this guy hanging in his sling...

And this guy... Forget about it.... It is like he sences when I have to go and he just starts following me all over the house. Heaven forbid that I shut the door.

At least Miles just wants to be touching me. Mason can talk and ask questions... I will let you use your immagination.... I am sure if you are a Mom you will not have to get too creative.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Blah blah blah

I really have no excuse for my lack of blogging lately. We are all settled in, Miles is an amazing baby, Mason is only as wild as a normal 3 year old and Curt still has not started work yet.
We live in an amazing place really. I love it here, way more than I thought I would. We live way out of town, so it takes forever to get anywhere- but I do not mind really. I saw a bald eagle fly across the lake two days in a row. There is a blue herron that visits us almost every day. There is a big fat beaver that swims by on occasion. And to top it all off, about 250 ducks have been hanging out around our dock for the past few days. The scenery is amazing

There is a beautiful Maple in the yard and I put Mason up in it and took his picture... Loving the fall colors...

The picture below is of me off of our bedroom balcony.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We miss our friends...

But we are getting setteled in just fine....

These photos were edited with my snazzy new toy...

This picture of Miles was taken by my great friend Kacey @ Chronicles of a Mommy... What a beautiful shot of my beautiful boy.
More posts to come soon about how we are doing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A New Brave Face

Today I feel silly for having such a pity party for myself about moving. I feel like apologizing to everyone who ready my icky post.

There are people in this world with out a roof over their head. There are families who sleep on dirt floors. There are children sleeping in train stations because their families lost their jobs too. So, my selfish party seems so stupid, so unimportant.
I have refocused to a new cause- Being thankful that Curt has a job. Being thankful that we have GREAT renters for our house. Being thankful that we have a somewhere to call home while we re-start things and get ready to build a house (sometime in the future).
Here is my "Thankful List"
Curt has a job
I can stay home and raise my boys
Great family to help us
Great friends to help us
A warm home
A great family member who is letting us invade her house while we get on track- Thanks Mammie.
Do not feel sorry for me when I have pity parties. I am only human, all humans dwell in their own sorrows sometimes. But I will dwell no longer- not over this. God has provided for my family and I will rejoice in him and be glad----- Glad that we are all healthy, safe, live in a free country and have food and shelter....
Today, I am putting on my "new brave face".

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

I was nursing Miles on the couch the other day and Mason said he wanted a drink. I have his drinks placed in the fridge so he can reach them and bring them to me and I can open them. I said, "you can go and get a juice and bring it to me."

Honestly, I lost track of time because I was watching Dr. OZ. Mason must have been in the kitchen for around 2-3 minutes.

He came in the living room and started talking very fast saying, "eggs, eggs, eggs- Momma... All those eggs got all cracked up... They have baby chicks inside- eggs, eggs, eggs." I will admit that I freaked. How in the heck did he get eggs and what is he talking about????

I walked in the kitchen to find the egg carton opened and all of the eggs from the fridge lined up on the edge of the bar. When I say on the edge, if I would have sneezed some of them would have fallen off. I guess Mason has added scaling the fridge like a rocky cliff to his list of hidden talents.
The good news is that none of the eggs broke on the floor. The bad news is that we lost 4 eggs in trying to get them back into the carton. It seems that Mason's sweet little inquiring mind wanted to know how it feels when you smash one on the counter. Then he loved it so much that he kept on doing it. I could not get them out of his hands fast enough. I was trying to juggle the camera, Miles and get some eggs back into the carton safely...

I hope I can always remember his sweet and funny little stories. Good thing I have scrap books and a blog...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have to be honest. This is my pity party, if you are not interested in hearing any whining, please skip on to the next blog.

I am sad about moving. I feel as if I am just making friends in our neighborhood. Now I am having to start over. Mason has friends that he loves to play with. I have Mom friends that I love to chat with. Curt has friends that he loves to hang with. Mason had a school and teachers that he loved and that I loved. We have doctors we love. We love our church. We fit here.

Apparently God has another plan for our lives, a new track for us to take. I know that Curt lost his job and this job that he has taken is the best for our family. I know that no matter what, we would have had to move. I am at peace with that. I just think it stinks to start over. But we are friendly people, we made the friends we have and we can add to the stack. But that still does not change the fact that I am feeling sorry for myself. Comfort makes everything easier. We are comfortable where we are. Easy was our life. Easy it will be again, as soon as all is settled.

Packing, Packing, Packing....

....really stinks. I hate it actually. But it has to be done. We are getting closer. The end will arrive soon...

I have new updates to share. We are not moving to Atlanta anymore.

We are moving to Crossville, Tennessee.
We are happy! We will have family very close by.
Atlanta would have been fun, but Crossville is the best option for our family.
We are moving 99% of our home on Saturday, the other 1% will stay behind with Curt to finish his last week at work.
I really love Murfreesboro and its location to everything. I am sure I will fall in love with our new town, it might take me a while, but I know I will...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 09

I must say that this year Halloween was put on the back burner. I usually love to buy cheesy decorations for Mason to enjoy and we normally end up with at least 4 pumpkins on our porch. I swear, this year, we woke up on Saturday and realized it was Halloween and we did not even have a pumpkin... Curt picked one up on his way home from work and he carved it up for us, power tool style...

The hubs and "skelly bones." Miles was a skeleton, Mason called him "skelly bones." Miles slept through the whole trick-or -treating thing while Daddy carried him...

My little Iron Man keeping his head warm. Mason is such a smart boy, he decided early on that he would hitch a ride on whatever stroller he could find available in between houses... Here he is with Lincoln.

Here is the finished product of our pumpkin. I swear I actually participated, I was just behind the camera the whole time...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Butterflies In My Tummy

Doesn't this picture make you get them too?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So, I Joined...

not sure what happened to my post date on this one.... my PSF is posted below... check it out!

The 21st Century, that is...

I got one of these snazzy little gadgets... I am absolutely in love with it so far. I have never really had an ipod, we had a nano and I never liked it too much, it got washed after a trip to the gym. I would love to have an iphone, but we are Verizon people. So, I got the next best thing. I know I have only scraped the surface of what this amazing little gadget can do, but I am eager to learn. If you have one, I would love some tips.

What I have done so far...

-Downloaded pod casts. They are amazing and I just love to listen to a little Dave Ramsey while folding the laundry.

-Downloaded some learning tools for Mason. Flash cards, alphabet games and interactive tools. I think I like them more than he does. He normally just makes my screen sticky. I do not mind too much though.

-Downloaded some games to play, mostly for Curt, I am an app person.

-Found some super cool picture editing apps, even a photoshop one.

-Converted all of my CD's to itunes.

-Downloaded about every free app and song I could find...

-Found some fun music.

-Erased it all by accident.

-Found it all again, by accident.

That is about it. If you have any secret ipod tips that I should know, shoot them my way.

As I sit here typing, Mason is "cutting" my hair with a pair of plastic toy pliers... I just love to get a new look...