Monday, November 23, 2009

Blah blah blah

I really have no excuse for my lack of blogging lately. We are all settled in, Miles is an amazing baby, Mason is only as wild as a normal 3 year old and Curt still has not started work yet.
We live in an amazing place really. I love it here, way more than I thought I would. We live way out of town, so it takes forever to get anywhere- but I do not mind really. I saw a bald eagle fly across the lake two days in a row. There is a blue herron that visits us almost every day. There is a big fat beaver that swims by on occasion. And to top it all off, about 250 ducks have been hanging out around our dock for the past few days. The scenery is amazing

There is a beautiful Maple in the yard and I put Mason up in it and took his picture... Loving the fall colors...

The picture below is of me off of our bedroom balcony.

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