Friday, November 6, 2009

A New Brave Face

Today I feel silly for having such a pity party for myself about moving. I feel like apologizing to everyone who ready my icky post.

There are people in this world with out a roof over their head. There are families who sleep on dirt floors. There are children sleeping in train stations because their families lost their jobs too. So, my selfish party seems so stupid, so unimportant.
I have refocused to a new cause- Being thankful that Curt has a job. Being thankful that we have GREAT renters for our house. Being thankful that we have a somewhere to call home while we re-start things and get ready to build a house (sometime in the future).
Here is my "Thankful List"
Curt has a job
I can stay home and raise my boys
Great family to help us
Great friends to help us
A warm home
A great family member who is letting us invade her house while we get on track- Thanks Mammie.
Do not feel sorry for me when I have pity parties. I am only human, all humans dwell in their own sorrows sometimes. But I will dwell no longer- not over this. God has provided for my family and I will rejoice in him and be glad----- Glad that we are all healthy, safe, live in a free country and have food and shelter....
Today, I am putting on my "new brave face".


  1. You are just so amazing. Good for you... and yes, you are only human. EVERYONE has those moments, days, weeks, etc. At least you do have so much to be grateful for and that you realize all your blessings! I wish you so much luck this weekend!

  2. Ok, so I almost cried when I left your house today. :( So we both put on brave faces.


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