Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Hello All!
Curt and I would like to open up the viewing of our wedding picture to all of our friends and family! We had such a great time and we were so happy that you could be a part of this special event in our lives!
Go to:
then: online proofing
choose: Curtis and Leslee
Password: tansi

Let us know which ones are your favorites, I still have not placed the order, I am on the fence on a few!

The Phillips'

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mason is WALKING!!!!

Well, well, well.... Mr. Mason Phillips is walking. He is still a little unstable, but he is walking. For about 2 weeks he has been making his way a few steps at a time and it was so adorable. Today I was at home on my lunch break and he walked from me to the other couch which was across the room. It was so AMAZING!!!!! I was out of this world excited!!! I thought that would be all for the show but a few minutes later we captured it on video in the kitchen, if I knew how to put videos on here, I would do it!!!! Curt was sleeping so we will wake him up and show him later. I know he is going to be so excited. I am just happy that he did not do it while we were on the honeymoon!!!!! Yay for milestones.... I am so proud of my little man!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Linc and Ruby!

Miss Ruby Jane RandolphMr. Lincoln Scott Randolph
Big Brother Ryder Steven Randolph!!!!

Welcome Lincoln and Ruby Jane Randolph!

Curt and I are so happy that Brian and Kasey welcomed there healthy baby girl and baby boy into their sweet little family on Monday, September 17, 2007! Both little bits are in the NICU, but make no mistake about it, they are kicking and doing just fine. They are finishing some development that needs to be done before they can go home. Kasey has the sweetest little nursery for them! Congrats guys we cannot wait until they get home!!!

Thanks AMY!!!!! I was not working anyways!

1. What I was doing 10 years ago: I was 15 and in my first year of High School. Great memories.

2. What I was doing 5 years ago: I was 20 and in college at Motlow, so many things have changes since then.

3. What I was doing 1 year ago: I was 8 months pregnant, and miserable. Actually this day a year ago I went on maternity leave. Yay for 6 weeks off!

4. What I was doing yesterday: Putting my house back in order. Tyring to write thank-you cards and playing with Mason. I also pulled weeds in the flowerbeds. They have been seriously neglected for the past few months...

5. 5 snacks I enjoy: anything chocolate, marsh mellows on crackers and slightly toasted, Cajun trail mix, pretzels, and ritz crackers with cream cheese.

6. 5 things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million dollars: wow, I do not think I could actually answer that question right now, I really need to think on it! Maybe I will make a post later on about that!

7. 5 locations I would like to run away to: None, I am pretty happy where I am but I would like to go back to the beach, Australia, and anywhere with no humidity and about 75 degrees.

8. 5 bad habits I have: Snooze, procrastinating, driving too fast, talking too loud and saying things without thinking first.

9. 5 things I like doing: playing with mason, spending time with curt, seeing family, seeing friends, and shopping...

10. 5 TV shows I like: Greys, Brothers and Sisters (Favorite), Desperate Housewives, Family Fude, Lost

11. 5 things I hate doing: cleaning, laundry, my hair, my nails, shaving my legs

12. 5 biggest joys of the moment: Mason, Curt, family, friends, blogging.

13. 5 people I tag: I do not have 5-- Katie, Kasey, Amanda

Honeymoon Pictures!

( Warning--- All of the pictures are in backwards order. If you want to see them in order, scroll to the bottom first!!!) Me in the pool.
Looking into the shark tank at a 8 foot shark.... Scary! I hate sharks, this is most likely the closest I will ever get- HOPEFULLY!
Curt and I in the pool!
Curt coming out of the slide.
Look closely, you can see my feet.
This is the Freemont Street Experience. It is the world's largest Television. It was pretty neet-o.
Curt looking at the Giant TV- it was 4 blocks long!
So cute.
This was our hotel. It was on the North end of the strip. It was a little older, but still really nice.
We all have our moments...

The pool at our hotel, night version.
At the pool!
He even stands like a COP!!! SO adorable!
In front of the water slide!

At the airport, waiting on our delayed plane!
The first night there, we were searching for food, Curt was starving and I was wanting to snap pictures. He was a bit annoyed with me!
My hunk at the pool!
Waterfall at the pool!
These are some snapshots from the honeymoon in Vegas! We had a wonderful time. I still have not gotten the rest of the pictures from the photographer, when I do, I will post them or a website where they can be viewed!
Thanks to everyone who came to our wedding and helped out with it! It was beautiful. Amanda, I wish I could have seen more of you. I think it has been 4 years since I saw you and met Joe! I cannot wait to see you again. I am thinking maybe a Dallas trip next spring, I can bring Mason and we will have a blast. I would love to see Dallas! Let me know what you think??? That was just way to short!

We Are Back!!!!!

My beautiful bridesmaides and I. From the left- Jess, Jenna, Me and Katie.
My Dad walking me down the aisle.
Giving me away.
Yay!!! Mr and Mrs. Phillips! They played the wrong song while we were walking back down the aisle, but it was just fine...
This is a cute little rehersal dinner picture of Curt and I!!!!
My sister and I before the rehersal dinner.

Just doing some resting before the ceremony.
My sweet little sister

We are back from our honeymoon. We had a fabulous wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. I am going to post some pictures but there is still more to come. These pictures are in reverse order.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy # 40!!!!

YAY!!!! This is my 40th post! Well, actually, I am SUPER bored today at work. I need to be really busy with work because I am going to be out for 6 days! I am totally preoccupied with the wedding and honeymoon, that I cannot think about hard stuff, and that means work! YUCK! So, I was looking at Nicole's page (Amanda's Sister in Law) and I decided to take the quiz that she took! Just fun!

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color orange, which embodies the characteristics of balance, heat, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, aggression, over-emotion, danger, desire, strengthens the ability to concentrate, attraction, adaptability, and stimulation. Orange falls under the element of Fire, and symbolizes glory and fruits of the earth.

Personality Test Results

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Just Some Family News

I read Amanda's blog and it got me thinking.....

Where to start??? We have so much going on right now, I just wanted to keep everyone updated!

Leslee- Just a little stressing right now because I am getting married a week from Saturday! Not really stressing, just running around like a chicken with its head cut off!!! That is not really stressing, right? Also, the videographer called today and his mother is very sick (bless her heart) so he canceled the contract, what else could I say, his MOM is sick and he had to rush to be by her side. So we are in limbo with that right now. Also, I have to find a time for Curt and I to get our marriage license next week. Not really sure when that is going to happen... Plus, I have to go to Crossville this weekend to get some wedding stuff done, make some signs and finish just a few things. I also need to buy wedding party gifts.... LOL, cannot believe I still have not done that yet! I also have to pack for the honeymoon, wedding and for Mason to be with my parents for the week while we are gone. So, when I say I am running around like a CRAZY chicken with NO head, I really mean it. Those of you who know me know what a procrastinator I am and you are laughing at the thought of me running around with NO head and flapping my wings. So, if you pray, do it for me. I have been saying like 3 a day! I know that my big day will be BEAUTIFUL and wonderful and filled with people who love us! I just have to get it together. One bitter sweet note is that Mason will be spending the week with his Mammie until I get to Crossville for the wedding on Thursday so I can get some stuff done and so she can get in some snuggle time. So, THANKS MAMMIE!!!! It is so hard to share him, but so rewarding for other people! I also have my bachelorette party tonight, not really a party, pretty much a dinner with the bridesmaids and my sister-in-law! I am not really into the crazy bachelorette scene, so we are going to FUJI, my favorite Japanese place! Cannot wait to get off work, change and get there! Well, that is enough about me....
Curtis- Is just working so hard at the FED and bringing home the Cheese! He also has his Bachelor party tonight. It will be full of some Drag strip time, and I am sure some partying with the guys. His Bro came up for the BIG event, along with Clay, Chris, and Brian! I am sure they will have a ton of fun! He will be helping me pack, pack, pack this week for the honeymoon and we will be able to spend some time together. So, he is super busy too!!!!
Mason- Well, he is pretty much sweet, snugly, adorable and smart!!! He has been trying to walk, and he is standing alone pretty good now! His hair is getting longer and super curly, it is ADORABLE! I just love it. I can tell it is going to be hard to part with when it is 1st hair cut time! He thinks he is so big and he is fascinated with anything a big person has, i.e. cups, food, utensils, just about anything BIG people like... So we have had plenty of spills and messes lately! But, it is all OKAY! He is just learning and loving every minute of it!
Gabby- She is having a hard time adjusting to being outside, and she is still inside most of the time, but she stands at the back door and licks it until we pay attention to her. Or, if she really wants in, she will attempt to open the door, so there is scratches all over it! YUCK.

Other than that, we are just trucking along and loving life. To those of you who are coming to the wedding, we cannot wait to see you!
Love you all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Safe to Say

Okay, I did not want to brag too soon, but Mason is sleeping through the night. Thank goodness, he is almost 1 year. We have friends who have babies that have been sleeping through the night since they were very young. I guess Mason just was not ready yet! He has been doing this for a little over a week and it is so nice to put him to bed at 8pm and he normally wakes around 7:30 or 8am!!! Yay, for Mason!!! Hopefully we can stay this way, it is really nice to have sleep, I feel so rested in the A.M.!!! I guess the teething has subsided for now, eventhough we never got any teeth on the last run. He still has only 6 teeth!

Also, he is just so close to taking his first step!!!!