Monday, April 26, 2010

He Wooshes.

Mason and I took a walk to the mail box the other day, just like we do most days- unless he is engrossed in a TV show.

I was sorting through the mail walking back to the house. Everything I sorted through Mason would ask if it was for him. I looked at his sweet face covered with peanut butter and said, "sorry buddy, not today." He looked up at me with his sweet copper eyes and said, "Awww, Mom, I never have any mail. I sure woosh I had a mail for me." My heart broke.

Here is my plea- Please send my kid some mail. Hey, we might even mail you back- like pen pals! Unfortunately this only applies to close friends and family who I know are not ax murders.

Just e-mail me at and I will send you our address.

I already told my Mom about Mason's wooshing. She mailed him a simple letter and she drew a picture of her, my Dad and their animals. It was perfect, just what he wanted. He has been carrying that picture around all afternoon telling stories about it.

Ok- $0.44 is all you have to cough up... Lets see what we get... You do not want my poor, sweet Mason to be wooshing for letters and not ever get any do you?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

State Park

We took the boys to the local State Park.

There was tons of exploring with Dad.
Some sweet brotherly time.

Miles got a work out in.

He also climbed a rock wall like a champ.

And me... Well, I spent my time behind the camera-like always!
There is so much to be blogged about. When the weather is beautiful outside, I cannot hardly make myself sit inside on the computer!


Sometimes being married is easy.
Sometimes it is not.
Sometimes we see eye to eye.
Sometimes we do not.
Everyday we say "I love you."
Everyday we mean it.
That what matters.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Day Soon...

A new post is coming.

I promise.

Lots of ransom stuff to share that I am sure will bore you to death!



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today... icky weather...

We have been so spoiled with the lovely 80ish degree temperatures of late.

I am missing them today as it is around 50 outside.

We have been taking major advantage of the weather spending almost all day every day outside.

Taking walks, going for a jog, playing in the lake, riding bikes and the list goes on and on.

Curt's little brother has been visiting for a few days (he's 8) and so Mason has been super busy. And if you ask me playing with a big kid has made him a little too big for his pants...

I feel so lazy today. It is rainy and cold. Who wants to do anything on a day like that? NOT ME!

I might do some crafting. I definitely have to fold some laundry. Mason thinks he has some catching up to do on his Max & Ruby episodes. I think I might let him today. That's what rainy days are for, right? Miles is about to sprout his top two teeth and so he is extra cranky. I might not get that crafting in after all.

Miles is now pulling up and standing on his own (holding on of course) and his crawling has graduated from army style to all fours. He is also taking a bottle again (which is a whole other post in its self) and that makes me happy.

Curt has been busy working on the boat and trying to make sure it is in tip top shape for Memorial Day!!! That is super important when you live on a lake.

I have not been doing too much lately, not much crafting, not much of anything- except being a Mommy! I am throwing around the idea of keeping another child at the house. It has its pros and cons. Pros would be a great play person for Mason and more money. Cons would be, no freedom, keeping someone elses child, did I mention no freedom. I like to be able to pick up the boys and just go if I want too. Ahh, who knows... Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Anyways, I am off to stop Miles from slamming the cabinet doors and make lunch for the boys. Have a great day- even if it is gloomy where you live. Tomorrow it might just be sunny!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Train Depot

Check out these cuties.
We went into town today to run some errands.
Then we stopped by the old train depot for some snap shots of the boys.
Mason was a train driver.
Miles showed off his amazing smile.
I snapped pictures.
Curt chased the train driver.
The vibrant colors were amazing and made for some awesome spring photos.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

{LP Designs}

Opening the shop.
Go check it out.
Support a handcrafter.
Buy something.
*I am working on getting a few more items in my shop. I am straying from ETSY for a bit- trying out Big Cartel. If I like it, I will expand the amount of items I carry in the shop. If I don't like it; I guess I will not sell anything for a while until I find something I do like.
*Dear ETSY,
We had a pretty good relationship for a while. Don't get me wrong... I still love you, all the beautiful shops all of the wonderful goods... But, my ADD has gotten the best of me. I cannot wait forever to upload pictures and there is just too much information to put in. I will be back to shop, when I have money. But for now, I am closing my ETSY shop. I hope you understand.
xoxo- LP

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Five

New blog carnival... Love me a good carnival.... This one is all about happy stuff... Five things that made me happy this week... I can totally do that...

1. My Nanna came to visit. She bought me an Easter Dress : )
2. Mason told me I was his "bester" friend.
3. I got to exercise every day but one.
4. Miles got his 2nd tooth.
5. Playgroup was awesome. I met so many new Mom's and that made me happy!

{I would have posted pictures, but I have not taken any this week really}

Head on over to check out and enjoy reading some happy stuff...