Monday, March 31, 2008

Mommies for Music

This weekend was "MAJOR" in the words of V. Beckham--- I lover her. Her boobs are a bit crazy, but she is glam.

First off this weekend was to be a great girls weekend get away with spa treatments, great friends and super yummo food. It was most of all of that but Kacey and I got a call last week to have a vending booth at a local consignment show. This was a big decision to make because we had been planning girls weekend for months. Luckily Michelle and Shelly were extremely understanding, they even came to see our booth- after their spa treatments.... Heffers!
Our booth was really successful, we got the opportunity to make some sales as well as get our names out there. We are definitely thankful to the multiples club for letting us set up a booth and be a part of the sale they had.
After the sale, we jetted home to pack bags in lightning speed and meet up with the other two girls. We headed up to Nashville. We checked into our super fabulous hotel- I am not telling the name because i am about to bash them. I want to be fare because they tried to rectify the situation...
We walked into the room and realized what a deal we scored on the room (thanks Shelly) because they were really nice rooms, I mean really nice. We were also very excited because they were next door which means that we had one of those connecting door ways. I got ready for the shower and realized that there was no hot water. They tried to move us rooms, but we really loved out connecting rooms... We said no and settled to shower in another room. All drama set aside, we got showers and made it to eat on time. We ate dinner at Melting Pot and I should say it was yummy! I have never eaten there and it was defiantly a treat. Especially the desert. That was my favorite part and I could go there only for the desert.... After desert we headed to dance. I mean we really danced it up. I have not had such a fun time dancing in a very long time. We cut loose and it was too much fun.
It was the most fun I have ever had with the girls and we are definitely making anther girls trip in the future. Now since we had so many issues with the rooms, they offered us two free rooms to use in the future, which is really awesome. Maybe they will have the kinks worked out the next time...
I had a fabulous time and I cannot wait to go again...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What we have been up to.....

Someone told me that I was slacking at my blogging..... Ha, well I am back at it... I just needed a push. I have been so busy with starting the business, Kacey and I are like chickens with no heads lately. Never mind, we still have family's and personal business on top of our new project. We love our business and we have GREAT support form our husbands, which means the world. Not that we did not expect it, but sometimes venturing into new territories warrants some questioning... We have only had minimal questions form them... That makes things a ton easier. I cannot help but think in the back of their minds that they think we are NUTS-O, but they are not showing it, so that is all that matters, right?

Mason has been keeping me busy. I am loving being there for him when he needs me. I am also loving running my house hold. There were so many things that I have been missing out on. Our house is currently under construction, well not really, but I am spring cleaning and organizing closets, throwing stuff away, giving stuff away and getting ready for a garage sale in the summer....

Life is grand for us. It was decently warm yesterday, so Curt mowed the yard and Mason helped. I chased him around and took pictures of him, Curt and our beautiful yard. All the pretty stuff was planted before Mason, I never have time for yard work lately. Maybe that will change with him getting older.

Quick, funny story...
If you are eating, STOP!

Last night I headed up stairs to go to bed and a nasty smell hit my nose. The cat had pooped in her box. STINKY! So, I got a bag (Wal-Mart bag) and some lysol to get things cleaned up. I scooped promptly into the bag while only breathing through my mouth... I was headed out of the room and closing up the bag at the same time.... All of the sudden... something warm under my foot.... AHHHH, I screamed... My first thought is that Gabby pooped or something in the floor... It was dark so I turned on the light and the Wal Mart bag had a hole in the bottom. I had smooshed cat poo all over the carpet and all over my foot. NASTY!!! I screamed for Curt and he came to see what was the matter. All he could say is "it's your cat..." That was so mean. He did bring me a towel and some carpet cleaner, so that was nice. Then he just complained how stinky it was. So, if you have a cat and you go to use a Wal Mart bag to empty the box, then MAKE SURE that there are no HOLES in the bag before you use it....
Resume Eating...
Enjoy pictures...
Blooming peach tree
Purple Flox (sp?)
My hunk doing some yard work...
Mason could not resist. This is also how I have to vacuum the house if he is awake and has anything to do with it....
So Cute, I almost had him mowing, but he put it down and went to see what Daaddy was doing...
Playing in the car is one of Mason's favorite activities
Our home at spring time... So pretty
Some stuff that I planted before Maosn was born. I love the ivey.
Watching Daddy to see how he does it... CUTE!


Hello and Good morning...

Hop on over to Kiki and Lele's Etsy SHOP!!! We are so excited for this to launch and we have already sold 1 item.... Maybe not big to you, but we are stoked. This was also not a person that we knew, just a random lady that liked our stuff. Kudos for us...

On another note... Mother's Day is right around the corner. Maybe you can leave little hints for that Man of yours, just maybe he will pick up on them. If you are not a Mom, you can still leave hints for a birthday or a special anniversary. Would it not be fun for someone to have a piece of jewelry made especially just for you from their heart. I know I think it is cool.

Always remember, we can do pretty much anything you like... If you have something in particular, just let us know and we will be glad to make a custom piece for you that no one else has.

Thanks to those of you who are spreading the word with family members and friends, we appreciate any nice "word of mouth" that you would like to say about our business...

Also, feel free to link our blog or our store on your site... We love free advertising...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dallas Bound

I just bought my tickets for Dallas. Mason and I will be traveling to stay with the Drysdale's in Dallas, TX! I am so stoked to see Amanda, get to know Joe and little Cole.

For those of you who doe not know, Amanda is my childhood best friend. We grew up across the street from each other on Mac's Lane. We now each have very fabulous lives and families of our own but are much farther than across the street. Last year she and her little family flew all the way to TN for my wedding only to get to see me for about 20 minutes. It was so bitter sweet. I finally got to see her it had been 5 years and no time to talk. I knew I had to take a trip.

This will also be Mason's first plane ride. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures to post to document this occasion. I am taking him all by myself, so we shall see just how much fun it will really be. Any suggestions on air plane fun will definitely be appreciated.

I cannot wait to catch up and hang out and do tons of girl stuff and watch our little guys play with each other. I bought the tickets from 4/29- 5/3. It will be short for so much time apart, but I am sure we will pack it with excitement.
Love ya

Kiki & Lele

Our blog is up and running. Go over and check us out. We are very excited to offer this jewelry to you as well as be able to donate to charity. Share us with your friends, we would greatly appreciate it!

Kiki and Lele, LLC

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yes, that is correct... we got the rest of our supplies in to start making our fun pieces. Watch my blog for direction to our website where you can check us out. I am sure it will be sometime after this weekend...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Maybe Next Weekend...

Well, I thought we might have had a bit of a great weekend, and we did... Curt and I went out for his birthday. Mom and Dad came up to watch Mason- Thanks Mom and Dad, you guys are awesome... We came back to the house after the movie so they could get home. We decided to snuggle and watch a movie in the bed. It was over at around 12:30 am. We were getting ready for bed and I asked Curt to go in and check on Mason and make sure he had covers. While he was in there I heard a funny noise on the monitor and in comes Curt with Mason screaming and vomit all over the both of them. We caught it. Curt's brother Cliff had a virus and I guess Mason got it. Poor little guy, he was just sick last weekend. Poor cliff I know he has to have felt horrible as well. We stayed in on Sunday because there was not much sleeping on Saturday night. I think Mason and I stayed in our p.j.'s all day long. Well we changed at least 3 times each from all of the throw up. The funny thing is that he was actually running around like a little crazy man in between purge sessions. We got worries by the end of the day because he had not kept anything down all day long. I knew that there was nothing that can be done for a virus, but dehydration was on my mind. The doc said that he needed to keep something down for at least 3 hours and so we started giving smaller amounts of Pedia lite more frequently instead of a lot at one time and he came around. I was so pleased because I did not want to spend the night with Mason in the ER getting IV fluids. NOT FUN! He is doing much better this morning and actually has kept some toast down and more pedia lite. YAY!

Maybe next weekend... we can make it with out any sickness at our house.... I am going to work on getting some meat back on his bony little body. He has lost over 2 ponds, which is a lot on his lanky frame...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

on my way to lonely

So, Curt and Mason are taking off to Curt's mom's house for some much needed Gran time... I know they will have a blast. I am staying behind to work, yuck... But whatever will I do with my time after I get off tonight and tomorrow night... These are some thoughts...

work with Kacey on some jewelry
business license
tax i.d. number
reserve a booth for moon pie festival
make some more products
take pictures
order supplies

- yep- that is definitely where I will be tonight. Plus, I will get some much needed cuddle time with the twins and Ryder. They love me... My cuddle time with these babies also keeps me taking my BC.. Kacey, you are SUPER WOMAN!

Thursday night-

make jewelry
draw out some designs
clean carpets

Well, maybe I will not clean the carpets. That means I will have to put the carpet cleaner together and actually do work on my night off... Plus, they do not really need it. They are pretty clean thanks to my Dyson- that thing rocks... I will never ever buy a different type of vacuum cleaner... Wow, i ddefinitely got off track....

What are your thoughts on what I should do with my down time???
Kacey, you are not allowed to post on here, I know what you think I need to be doing with my time off.... HA!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just a peek....

this piece is made from yellow jade... it is the 4th piece i have made so far. we are working on getting more photo's of the other pieces. Kacey has some great pieces as well... it is so funny how our styles compliment each others - we work so well together.
what do you think? be HONEST!
would you buy it?
thanks Kacey for taking pictures of the work so we can get our site up and running.
Don't forget your honest comments- we are starting a business- critics are welcome. i feel that you can only get better through criticism... so let us have it...

Monday, March 3, 2008

ETSY, website, blogs.... OH MY!

OK, so Kacey have launched... almost. We are so excited and cannot wait to show off our stuff. We are making mostly jewelry and hand stamped personalized jewelry at that. We cannot wait to show. We have dabbled this weekend in different types of stones and fun stuff.

The name will be, "Kiki & Lele" we like it... They are both nickname that have been given to us over time, mine by Kacey's little boy Ryder and hers by Michelle's little boy, Ben! Keep checking in to see when I am going to post a link to the new blog for Kiki & Lele... Our website is under construction. We will also have a booth at the coveted Bell Buckle Craft Festival this year in August and at the Moon Pie Festival in May. So, if you live in Tennessee, or you visit in May, check us out.

Web site soon to debut...