Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just a peek....

this piece is made from yellow jade... it is the 4th piece i have made so far. we are working on getting more photo's of the other pieces. Kacey has some great pieces as well... it is so funny how our styles compliment each others - we work so well together.
what do you think? be HONEST!
would you buy it?
thanks Kacey for taking pictures of the work so we can get our site up and running.
Don't forget your honest comments- we are starting a business- critics are welcome. i feel that you can only get better through criticism... so let us have it...


  1. I'm so excited to see your cute, fun business up and running! SO cool. As for this necklace, I really do like it a lot. I don't wear yellow because it makes me look horrid...so I probably wouldn't buy it, but I would buy a similar piece in other colors. :) (depends on price too...pricing your work is always so hard because you want to charge enough to make it worth your time but not SO much that no one would spend that much....so good good luck in that area!!!) THis is just so cool!!!! Can't wait to see more!

  2. I do like that it is silver and totally my style. I'm just not a yellow fan. In any other color, I would DEF buy it!

  3. Ok, I'm the weird one. I love the yellow. I never used to, but for some reason the right shade came out this season and I love it. I just bought a super cute yellow dress, and this necklace would go perfectly with it. I would def. buy it! :)


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