Friday, September 25, 2009

Our New Family

My boys, the lights of my life. Aren't they adorable?
Doesn't being new look so hard???

Bringing baby boy home... First car ride for Miles.

Chilling with Daddy in the hospital while Mommy had the best shower of her life... Ahh, the first shower after having a baby is always the best. Am I wrong?

Sweet profile.

Oh man, just sweetness....
I know the grandparents are going to love these... I am so badly trying to catch up. I promise updates will get better, maybe I can commit to 2 a week, for now anyways. We are trying to find a new home and move with in the next 2 months and we also have a new born...

PhotoStory Friday
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Novice, I Think Not!

My very good friend, Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy has decided to expand on one of her many talents- photography. So convenient that I have a new born and she has a snazzy new camera.... Miles and I went over today while Mason was at school and she snapped and clicked away. He was pretty cooperative, about as good as a 3 week old can get.

Plus, I thought you guys would like to see some pictures that were not from the hospital. My little man has a great personality.

My heart is melting.

Turning to moosh.

could just snuggle him all day long.

So amazing.

Check out those baby blues...

Go on over and check out her blog... She always has something fun to talk about.

So Much To Tell....

Please forgive me for being absent. We have been so busy around our house...We had a baby! Jackson Miles Phillips joined our sweet clan on September 2nd at 12:39pm and he was 20 1/2 inches long and 7 lbs 5 oz. He is such an amazing baby. I am not sure if it is him being a wonderful baby or us being so much more relaxed now because we actually have a clue as to what we are doing... He sleeps a lot, poops a lot and eats all the time. It is so surreal to have a new baby and he completes our little family. We never knew we missed him, but now that we have him we could never go with out him. Mason is adjusting well to his new baby brother. We have had a few requests from him to take Miles back to the hospital, but other than that he adores him. Miles gets tons of love from his big brother and Curt and I just know they are going to be great friends... Sorry that you cannot see the baby in this picture, he was eating. When Miles was born he was super hungry. He started nursing right away and nursed for about 50 minutes.

This picture was taken the day before Miles was born. It was Mason's first day of school. He had a blast and there were no tears from me or Mason.
Although I love the time with Miles I have actually had a hard time deciding what to do with my time while Mason is at school. I know it will all fall into place.
On a much different note, Curt found out on our wedding anniversary that his department is downsizing and that he will be loosing his job in Nashville as of 11/15/09. To avoid loosing his job we might be moving to Atlanta. Actually there is a very BIG possibility we are moving there. We really love our home and our friends and how close we are to family. But a new adventure might be exciting, at least that is how we are trying to view it. We have been looking for homes in the area north of Atlanta and will be meeting with a real estate broker in about a week or two to schedule some home viewings...
I would love to have some new pictures of Miles and Mason up, but I lost my card reader again... Oh well, hopefully I can get some up the next time I have a quiet moment... Just know that even though I have been absent from blogging, I have been rocking my baby and spending tons of great time with Mason... I am loving every minute of it...