Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost & Found

Dear Follower that dropped me. I am so sorry for the lack of posts... Really, I am. I promise one say here really soon to post some more... But maybe you will not get to read my lovely posts... Thanks to all my other 27 followers that are sticking around...

post coming soon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

He Wooshes.

Mason and I took a walk to the mail box the other day, just like we do most days- unless he is engrossed in a TV show.

I was sorting through the mail walking back to the house. Everything I sorted through Mason would ask if it was for him. I looked at his sweet face covered with peanut butter and said, "sorry buddy, not today." He looked up at me with his sweet copper eyes and said, "Awww, Mom, I never have any mail. I sure woosh I had a mail for me." My heart broke.

Here is my plea- Please send my kid some mail. Hey, we might even mail you back- like pen pals! Unfortunately this only applies to close friends and family who I know are not ax murders.

Just e-mail me at and I will send you our address.

I already told my Mom about Mason's wooshing. She mailed him a simple letter and she drew a picture of her, my Dad and their animals. It was perfect, just what he wanted. He has been carrying that picture around all afternoon telling stories about it.

Ok- $0.44 is all you have to cough up... Lets see what we get... You do not want my poor, sweet Mason to be wooshing for letters and not ever get any do you?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

State Park

We took the boys to the local State Park.

There was tons of exploring with Dad.
Some sweet brotherly time.

Miles got a work out in.

He also climbed a rock wall like a champ.

And me... Well, I spent my time behind the camera-like always!
There is so much to be blogged about. When the weather is beautiful outside, I cannot hardly make myself sit inside on the computer!


Sometimes being married is easy.
Sometimes it is not.
Sometimes we see eye to eye.
Sometimes we do not.
Everyday we say "I love you."
Everyday we mean it.
That what matters.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Day Soon...

A new post is coming.

I promise.

Lots of ransom stuff to share that I am sure will bore you to death!



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today... icky weather...

We have been so spoiled with the lovely 80ish degree temperatures of late.

I am missing them today as it is around 50 outside.

We have been taking major advantage of the weather spending almost all day every day outside.

Taking walks, going for a jog, playing in the lake, riding bikes and the list goes on and on.

Curt's little brother has been visiting for a few days (he's 8) and so Mason has been super busy. And if you ask me playing with a big kid has made him a little too big for his pants...

I feel so lazy today. It is rainy and cold. Who wants to do anything on a day like that? NOT ME!

I might do some crafting. I definitely have to fold some laundry. Mason thinks he has some catching up to do on his Max & Ruby episodes. I think I might let him today. That's what rainy days are for, right? Miles is about to sprout his top two teeth and so he is extra cranky. I might not get that crafting in after all.

Miles is now pulling up and standing on his own (holding on of course) and his crawling has graduated from army style to all fours. He is also taking a bottle again (which is a whole other post in its self) and that makes me happy.

Curt has been busy working on the boat and trying to make sure it is in tip top shape for Memorial Day!!! That is super important when you live on a lake.

I have not been doing too much lately, not much crafting, not much of anything- except being a Mommy! I am throwing around the idea of keeping another child at the house. It has its pros and cons. Pros would be a great play person for Mason and more money. Cons would be, no freedom, keeping someone elses child, did I mention no freedom. I like to be able to pick up the boys and just go if I want too. Ahh, who knows... Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Anyways, I am off to stop Miles from slamming the cabinet doors and make lunch for the boys. Have a great day- even if it is gloomy where you live. Tomorrow it might just be sunny!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Train Depot

Check out these cuties.
We went into town today to run some errands.
Then we stopped by the old train depot for some snap shots of the boys.
Mason was a train driver.
Miles showed off his amazing smile.
I snapped pictures.
Curt chased the train driver.
The vibrant colors were amazing and made for some awesome spring photos.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

{LP Designs}

Opening the shop.
Go check it out.
Support a handcrafter.
Buy something.
*I am working on getting a few more items in my shop. I am straying from ETSY for a bit- trying out Big Cartel. If I like it, I will expand the amount of items I carry in the shop. If I don't like it; I guess I will not sell anything for a while until I find something I do like.
*Dear ETSY,
We had a pretty good relationship for a while. Don't get me wrong... I still love you, all the beautiful shops all of the wonderful goods... But, my ADD has gotten the best of me. I cannot wait forever to upload pictures and there is just too much information to put in. I will be back to shop, when I have money. But for now, I am closing my ETSY shop. I hope you understand.
xoxo- LP

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Five

New blog carnival... Love me a good carnival.... This one is all about happy stuff... Five things that made me happy this week... I can totally do that...

1. My Nanna came to visit. She bought me an Easter Dress : )
2. Mason told me I was his "bester" friend.
3. I got to exercise every day but one.
4. Miles got his 2nd tooth.
5. Playgroup was awesome. I met so many new Mom's and that made me happy!

{I would have posted pictures, but I have not taken any this week really}

Head on over to check out and enjoy reading some happy stuff...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring & Summer {blossoms}

Awaiting the arrival of Spring & Summer?

Soon you can pick some of these beauties up in my newly stocked shop.

Stay tuned for the opening!

Friday, March 26, 2010



Thanks for not being able to crawl fast so I can place you in patches of flowers and take your sweet picture... Your brother is one fast boy and you well, you are on your way. But, for now, you just smile that sweet, sweet smile of yours and I just soak it up!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wanting to Follow.

I would love to be a follower.
To learn to follow a pattern would be
I just am not sure if I have it in me.
I pretty much wing everything I do.
These juicy patterns are so temping...
Don't you think?
Cute. Cute. Cute and more cute!
Do you know how much crap I could stash in that thing?

I love me some tunic's.
If I had this pattern, I would totally make one for every day of the week and wear them all summer long. That is, unless I am still nursing... This shirt does not look "nursing" friendly. Great thing I will not be nursing forever (even though it feels like it!)


I am in love- aren't you?

This is my absolute favorite.
For sure not a great "crap" stasher, but I need to get out of that habit anyways- right?

Definitely buying this one.
You could modify the pattern and also make a dress...
Oh, the possibilities.
These patterns make me want to expand my knowledge and learn how to sew using a pattern.
I will let you know if I take the plunge.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dear Mason,

Please quit messing with me...

I would love a decent picture...


*When I say smile- this is what I get. Baby Miles is so distracted I have to make loud mysterious noises to even get him to look at me... Oh well, this is definitely one for the books...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Falling Off The Waggon & Picking Up The Pieces

So, I was doing really great with my P90x last week. Until Thursday. Mason kept messing with me while doing the Yoga X so I stopped and thought I might do it after the kiddos went to bed. Ha, yeah right. I had a head ache so I took some meds and went to sleep. Then on Friday, Mason had school and I had to make a MAJOR grocery run (you know the kind when you need everything and you feel like you are in Wal-Mart for 2 hours?!?!). I still had a headache. Thankfully the MIL was in town and she picked up Mason from school. My headache just seemed to get worse until I was physically sick... I used to have migraines but lately the headaches are pretty bad (like someone is stabbing me in the brain- not that I would know- just how I imagine it would feel.) I went on to bed on Friday too. Saturday came and went and no working out. Sunday we had church and then we ate lunch with Curt's Poppy, so by the time we got home it was time for Curt to go to work and then bath time and bed time for the boys soon after that. And of course Desperate Housewives came on, so no P90X either. But, today I finished all of my house work so, while Mason is at school tomorrow, I will definitely be doing it. I have not decided if I am going to start the program over or pick up where I left off? So, now while I could be doing P90, I am going to watch Twilight (way funner!) My first week was a major bummer, it is just so hard to make time for yourself when you are a Mom. Time for everyone else comes first. I am just going to have to get more creative...I wish I could just go to a gym, but where we live there is not one gym with in a 40 mile radius that has childcare... So, starting over tomorrow...

Moto Mason

He rides through the yard with the greatest of ease.
When he gets stuck, he sweetly asks his dad, "help me please!"

When he does not look where he is going he makes our stomachs queese.

And he never smiles when Mommy says, "CHEESE"

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Baby

Miles is the "baby" of our sweet family.

He is so cuddly and funny and sweet.

He has learned how to crawl ( army style) and he is FAST!

He sprouted his first sharp little tooth.

Which is why he sported this runny nose for about 2 weeks.

I love this sweet baby. He is so fun. He is learning all about dog bowls and his big brothers toys.
I love being able to stay home with him so I can experience all of the firsts that he is having.
He is our baby.
Our sweet, smiley, one toothed, blue eyed, giggly baby boy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

P90X {Day 3 &4}- Family News


I did Shoulders & Arms yesterday morning, but I did not do Ab Ripper. I know, weenie!

I think I might want my arms to be like Michelle Obama when all of this is said and done.

Shoulders & Arms was hard, but not like day 2 with the plyometerics.

Today (day 4) I attempted Yoga X. But, a certain 3 year old monkey man kept coming and pushing me over when I was in some really hard poses. After about the 3rd time of landing on the floor with Mason on top of me, I turned it off. I might start it up again before bedtime- just because the stretching felt so good to my cramped muscles. I doubt it though. I did not sleep hardly at all last night and so I think I might go to bed when the kids do. Unless, tonight is a new Grey's & Private Practice night... Then I will stay up.... So- yoga probably will not happen tonight.

I have been doing great at my snacking in between meals. But, I feel so empty after I eat. So, I have been finishing off my meals with an extra serving of fruit or veggies. Tonight after my Lean Cuisine, I was still hungry so I steamed some green beans and ate those until I was full. That makes me feel pretty good. I have also realized that if I do not eat first thing in the morning that I eat a crappy breakfast. So I have to get straight up and eat.

My body is sore, I mean really sore. Climbing the stairs hurts- everything hurts. But, I am determined to let those muscles burn. It is a reminder- that I need to kick my bum in gear. I think Curt is tired of hearing me whine about my soreness. I am gonna try and stop whining to him, but not you all.... You like the whining!!! HA

News on the kids:

Miles got his first tooth today. Probably the reason for the crappy sleep last night. I am just guessing though. He also crawls like a champ. He is fast and he knows it. He loves the dog bowl and slamming doors and making lots of noise.

Mason just told me, " When I was a little boy, I was so hungry I ate your computer. It was so yummy, Mom!" He is so funny, I think he takes after me... HA!

I promise some pictures of the kids soon. I have just been busy, trying to get my workouts in instead of sitting on the couch and blogging.

We went shopping with Mammie and she got the boys their Easter outfits. It was a fun trip. Thanks a ton Mammie! I am going to dress them up this weekend and take their pictures out by the lake- hopefully!

I promise to try and not turn this into my P90X journal, but I hate to write by hand. So, the odds that you are going to be hearing about my workouts for the next 90 days are pretty good.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P90X {Day 2}


Day 2 of P90x was EXTREME!

First of all, I could not even blog last night about it- I was exhausted.

So, here I am this morning.

Sore. Sore. Sore.

I still am determined to keep going.

Determined not to take Ibuprofen, I need to feel the burn.

Plyometerics was my workout yesterday.

It is super hard, like make you want to puke at the end hard.

I did not puke.

I did want too.

Curt is going to do my workout today with me, not sure what it is, I will have to look at the schedule.

I have another confession, I am a serial snacker.

Constantly grabbing a few of this and a few of that while making snacks for Mason.

I also realized over the past few days that I snack when I am not hungry.

I just put stuff in my mouth.

What a terrible habit.

For the past 2 days at my meals if I was still hungry I would add on a fruit or something low calorie at the end.

Keep in mind I am still breast feeding, so I have to make milk for Miles.

But that does not mean I have to snack on crap all day.

I have decided that snacking is a job hazard of being a SAHM.

We live on a lake, I have to be swim suit ready in just a over a month.

Pray that I can keep with this 90 day system.

It is not going to be easy.

2 down, 88 to go.

Monday, March 15, 2010

P90X {Day 1}

Ok, it is official.

I started P90x today.

Now, I am telling you, so I guess I am trapped.

I have to do this.

I am going to try and blog about my journey- hopefully everyday.

Today was the Chest & Back dvd.
Honestly, it was not what I expected.
I am so used to doing cardio dvd's- not weight training dvd's.
It was intense, very intense.
I had a hard time because I am not very good at push ups- I am terrible at them.
Curt & I did the work out together.
It was great to have him for support, I hope we can do more together.

Tomorrow is Plyometerics, I hear that it is hard.
I am hoping that it has more cardio.
1 down, only 89 to go.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Keeping Up With Mason {PSF} Style

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and ???

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with Mason. He is fast, smart and sneaky.
I try hard.
I try even harder to get him on camera.
I wish my camera had a function that let me put text notes to each picture so I could remember every single thing.
Ooooh, I am so going to invent that... DON'T copy me- OK!

Not exactly sure where he is headed with this chair and wire whisk.
But, one thing is for sure, he is on an important mission.

Just before I took this picture he told me that he was feeding Gabby dinner.

I am pretty sure that this dinner consisted of fresh mulch he stirred up with his whisk- pretty sure.

Then he told me that he was making me dinner.

Just a little scared and glad the food was going to be imaginary.

I asked what was for dinner- "Green Eggs and Ham!" he says.

Here he is cooking up my eggs & ham on his stove.

Can you see "it" piled up there on top of his little stove?

I just love how he keeps me guessing and how he lets me see through his imagination.

Moments like these make all the crazy moments worth it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I spend my day using distractions as a tool to get things done.

Today, my distractions consist of some cotton cord (from a sewing project) and a roll of toilet paper.
I mean everyone has to use the bathroom.

Even if their baby does not think it is a good idea.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seriously?!? {Wordful Wednesday}

Mason is getting so BIG!

His new favorite thing is watching his T.V. shows on my iPod.

We just discovered this and I think it is going to come in quite handy in times of need.

Unless he wears it out while we are at home.

I sure hope not.

Seriously, how much Max & Ruby, Backyardigans & Dora can one kid take...

I mean, I may be letting him ruin his mind with too much T.V.

But I sure as heck am not going to let my kid drink soda with calories...
I am up for Mom Of Year PLEASE VOTE!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{Spring-Time Lovlies}

Loving these new fun fabrics I just got for the {blossoms}!!!

What do you think?

Monday, March 8, 2010

.:In My Rear View:.

When I look in the rear view mirror.
I don't always see cars.
Sometimes I see other things.

Sometimes I see; silly faces, fingers in places they shouldn't be, little hands doing the new motions to a song that was learned at school and I see the back of a baby carriage.
Today, I see- Mason taking his Sonic cup apart and eating his slushy with his little fingers (you know, the ones that go places they shouldn't) and smearing it all over the window...

But, he is so cute while doing it....

It would not really matter what he was doing, he would still be cute and he would still be my sweet little boy who always finds a way to keep himself occupied while in the car...
Not a bad view, huh?
**** Not one of these pictures was taken while I was driving, promise! ****