Friday, March 12, 2010

Keeping Up With Mason {PSF} Style

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and ???

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with Mason. He is fast, smart and sneaky.
I try hard.
I try even harder to get him on camera.
I wish my camera had a function that let me put text notes to each picture so I could remember every single thing.
Ooooh, I am so going to invent that... DON'T copy me- OK!

Not exactly sure where he is headed with this chair and wire whisk.
But, one thing is for sure, he is on an important mission.

Just before I took this picture he told me that he was feeding Gabby dinner.

I am pretty sure that this dinner consisted of fresh mulch he stirred up with his whisk- pretty sure.

Then he told me that he was making me dinner.

Just a little scared and glad the food was going to be imaginary.

I asked what was for dinner- "Green Eggs and Ham!" he says.

Here he is cooking up my eggs & ham on his stove.

Can you see "it" piled up there on top of his little stove?

I just love how he keeps me guessing and how he lets me see through his imagination.

Moments like these make all the crazy moments worth it.


  1. you so need to invent the photo texting. it would help so much- luckily with digital we can snap a ton of pictures to spark our memories. unlike the "old" days when we could snap a couple of pictures of an event and it would be at least a month before they were developed. then we had to try to remember and make sure to write it down.

    very fun photos of your little guy.

  2. mason makes me you think he could stop by and make me some breakfast?

  3. Imagination is an amazing thing. Kids make stories and adventures out of stuff that I would walk past without a second look.

    The text/camera idea is STELLAR. Seriously. Pitch it somewhere and make millions!

  4. He is so imaginative! How cute!

    I think you need to create a note something for a camera - I would totally buy that!

  5. hope you enjoy those eggs :) no, seriously--I just love kids imaginations.

    Kaye-the road goes ever ever on

  6. He is so cute. And I love green eggs and ham! I also love the next post, about the distractions!

  7. There is nothing like a child's imagination!


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