Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P90X {Day 2}


Day 2 of P90x was EXTREME!

First of all, I could not even blog last night about it- I was exhausted.

So, here I am this morning.

Sore. Sore. Sore.

I still am determined to keep going.

Determined not to take Ibuprofen, I need to feel the burn.

Plyometerics was my workout yesterday.

It is super hard, like make you want to puke at the end hard.

I did not puke.

I did want too.

Curt is going to do my workout today with me, not sure what it is, I will have to look at the schedule.

I have another confession, I am a serial snacker.

Constantly grabbing a few of this and a few of that while making snacks for Mason.

I also realized over the past few days that I snack when I am not hungry.

I just put stuff in my mouth.

What a terrible habit.

For the past 2 days at my meals if I was still hungry I would add on a fruit or something low calorie at the end.

Keep in mind I am still breast feeding, so I have to make milk for Miles.

But that does not mean I have to snack on crap all day.

I have decided that snacking is a job hazard of being a SAHM.

We live on a lake, I have to be swim suit ready in just a over a month.

Pray that I can keep with this 90 day system.

It is not going to be easy.

2 down, 88 to go.

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  1. I am about to start P90X and was looking at blogs to see real people's reactions and stumbled upon yours. This is hilarious. Nice to hear form someone who isn't a body builder. Anyways keep it up 88 days to go I'll be a week behind you.


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