Saturday, March 6, 2010

27 Reasons Why.

Today is Curt's 27th birthday.
I thought we could celebrate by letting him know 27 reasons why we love him.
Putting Mason to bed tonight, I asked him "Why do you love Daddy?"
Here are some of his answers and some of mine too!

He is very strong.
He is funny.
He has BIG muscles.
He loves his family hard core.
He is a top notch Dad.
He is a fabulous husband.
He likes dirt bikes.
He spins me dizzy. (a mason answer)
He can fix just about anything.

He gets me- I get him.
He has great taste in women... {A- hem...}

He is a great dancer.

He can carve a pumpkin like no-body's business..... using a power tool of course.

He loves to spend time with the boys.
He always smells good...
He has good tools. ( not my answer)

He makes beautiful children.
He loves to take family outings.
He is super smart and could learn just about anything.

He is super handsome with a go-t.

He is a great teacher.

He loves his Momma.

He makes great car races.

He is playful.

He supports me in all the ways that I am "me".

HE is just down-right amazing; not perfect, but amazing.
He is the father of my children, the lover of me and the strength and backbone of our little family.

If I counted correctly, that is 27.

I love you.
Happy Birthday.

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