Thursday, March 18, 2010

P90X {Day 3 &4}- Family News


I did Shoulders & Arms yesterday morning, but I did not do Ab Ripper. I know, weenie!

I think I might want my arms to be like Michelle Obama when all of this is said and done.

Shoulders & Arms was hard, but not like day 2 with the plyometerics.

Today (day 4) I attempted Yoga X. But, a certain 3 year old monkey man kept coming and pushing me over when I was in some really hard poses. After about the 3rd time of landing on the floor with Mason on top of me, I turned it off. I might start it up again before bedtime- just because the stretching felt so good to my cramped muscles. I doubt it though. I did not sleep hardly at all last night and so I think I might go to bed when the kids do. Unless, tonight is a new Grey's & Private Practice night... Then I will stay up.... So- yoga probably will not happen tonight.

I have been doing great at my snacking in between meals. But, I feel so empty after I eat. So, I have been finishing off my meals with an extra serving of fruit or veggies. Tonight after my Lean Cuisine, I was still hungry so I steamed some green beans and ate those until I was full. That makes me feel pretty good. I have also realized that if I do not eat first thing in the morning that I eat a crappy breakfast. So I have to get straight up and eat.

My body is sore, I mean really sore. Climbing the stairs hurts- everything hurts. But, I am determined to let those muscles burn. It is a reminder- that I need to kick my bum in gear. I think Curt is tired of hearing me whine about my soreness. I am gonna try and stop whining to him, but not you all.... You like the whining!!! HA

News on the kids:

Miles got his first tooth today. Probably the reason for the crappy sleep last night. I am just guessing though. He also crawls like a champ. He is fast and he knows it. He loves the dog bowl and slamming doors and making lots of noise.

Mason just told me, " When I was a little boy, I was so hungry I ate your computer. It was so yummy, Mom!" He is so funny, I think he takes after me... HA!

I promise some pictures of the kids soon. I have just been busy, trying to get my workouts in instead of sitting on the couch and blogging.

We went shopping with Mammie and she got the boys their Easter outfits. It was a fun trip. Thanks a ton Mammie! I am going to dress them up this weekend and take their pictures out by the lake- hopefully!

I promise to try and not turn this into my P90X journal, but I hate to write by hand. So, the odds that you are going to be hearing about my workouts for the next 90 days are pretty good.

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