Friday, April 2, 2010

{LP Designs}

Opening the shop.
Go check it out.
Support a handcrafter.
Buy something.
*I am working on getting a few more items in my shop. I am straying from ETSY for a bit- trying out Big Cartel. If I like it, I will expand the amount of items I carry in the shop. If I don't like it; I guess I will not sell anything for a while until I find something I do like.
*Dear ETSY,
We had a pretty good relationship for a while. Don't get me wrong... I still love you, all the beautiful shops all of the wonderful goods... But, my ADD has gotten the best of me. I cannot wait forever to upload pictures and there is just too much information to put in. I will be back to shop, when I have money. But for now, I am closing my ETSY shop. I hope you understand.
xoxo- LP

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  1. yay, your back in action Leslee!! Of course I am a huge fan of all your designs, and have a few little girls I know who'd love your hair pieces.

    Just an fyi .. If you click on your LP Designs picture it doesn't take you to the website .. just a little goof instead of a www. there's a comma! ;-)


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