Monday, September 24, 2007

We Are Back!!!!!

My beautiful bridesmaides and I. From the left- Jess, Jenna, Me and Katie.
My Dad walking me down the aisle.
Giving me away.
Yay!!! Mr and Mrs. Phillips! They played the wrong song while we were walking back down the aisle, but it was just fine...
This is a cute little rehersal dinner picture of Curt and I!!!!
My sister and I before the rehersal dinner.

Just doing some resting before the ceremony.
My sweet little sister

We are back from our honeymoon. We had a fabulous wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. I am going to post some pictures but there is still more to come. These pictures are in reverse order.


  1. First of all--LOVE the pics!! Everything, absolutely gorgeous! The wedding looked beautiful and it looks like you guys had SO much fun in Vegas! So, to answer your question, there are still photobucket icons as the background. I had to switch my background to Minima and start all over again. Good luck!


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