Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mason is WALKING!!!!

Well, well, well.... Mr. Mason Phillips is walking. He is still a little unstable, but he is walking. For about 2 weeks he has been making his way a few steps at a time and it was so adorable. Today I was at home on my lunch break and he walked from me to the other couch which was across the room. It was so AMAZING!!!!! I was out of this world excited!!! I thought that would be all for the show but a few minutes later we captured it on video in the kitchen, if I knew how to put videos on here, I would do it!!!! Curt was sleeping so we will wake him up and show him later. I know he is going to be so excited. I am just happy that he did not do it while we were on the honeymoon!!!!! Yay for milestones.... I am so proud of my little man!


  1. Wahoo!!! Now you'll have to put everything up high. :) I love all the milestones that happen so quickly for kids! It's not so exciting once we become adults.

  2. OH my Gosh!!!! Congratulations- I'm so jealous!! You have to learn how to post video. I really want to see. I'm glad you didn't miss it either, that would be so sad. YAY!!!


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