Monday, September 24, 2007

Honeymoon Pictures!

( Warning--- All of the pictures are in backwards order. If you want to see them in order, scroll to the bottom first!!!) Me in the pool.
Looking into the shark tank at a 8 foot shark.... Scary! I hate sharks, this is most likely the closest I will ever get- HOPEFULLY!
Curt and I in the pool!
Curt coming out of the slide.
Look closely, you can see my feet.
This is the Freemont Street Experience. It is the world's largest Television. It was pretty neet-o.
Curt looking at the Giant TV- it was 4 blocks long!
So cute.
This was our hotel. It was on the North end of the strip. It was a little older, but still really nice.
We all have our moments...

The pool at our hotel, night version.
At the pool!
He even stands like a COP!!! SO adorable!
In front of the water slide!

At the airport, waiting on our delayed plane!
The first night there, we were searching for food, Curt was starving and I was wanting to snap pictures. He was a bit annoyed with me!
My hunk at the pool!
Waterfall at the pool!
These are some snapshots from the honeymoon in Vegas! We had a wonderful time. I still have not gotten the rest of the pictures from the photographer, when I do, I will post them or a website where they can be viewed!
Thanks to everyone who came to our wedding and helped out with it! It was beautiful. Amanda, I wish I could have seen more of you. I think it has been 4 years since I saw you and met Joe! I cannot wait to see you again. I am thinking maybe a Dallas trip next spring, I can bring Mason and we will have a blast. I would love to see Dallas! Let me know what you think??? That was just way to short!

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  1. Love you love you!!! Great pictures and it looks like a blast. Curt seemed so sweet the 5 seconds I was able to meet him. Congrats again!!

    I would LOVE a Dallas trip for you!!! We would have an awesome time. Let me know. Oh and beware of spring in Dallas, its pretty snowy. You could get stranded. jk... :)


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