Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

I was nursing Miles on the couch the other day and Mason said he wanted a drink. I have his drinks placed in the fridge so he can reach them and bring them to me and I can open them. I said, "you can go and get a juice and bring it to me."

Honestly, I lost track of time because I was watching Dr. OZ. Mason must have been in the kitchen for around 2-3 minutes.

He came in the living room and started talking very fast saying, "eggs, eggs, eggs- Momma... All those eggs got all cracked up... They have baby chicks inside- eggs, eggs, eggs." I will admit that I freaked. How in the heck did he get eggs and what is he talking about????

I walked in the kitchen to find the egg carton opened and all of the eggs from the fridge lined up on the edge of the bar. When I say on the edge, if I would have sneezed some of them would have fallen off. I guess Mason has added scaling the fridge like a rocky cliff to his list of hidden talents.
The good news is that none of the eggs broke on the floor. The bad news is that we lost 4 eggs in trying to get them back into the carton. It seems that Mason's sweet little inquiring mind wanted to know how it feels when you smash one on the counter. Then he loved it so much that he kept on doing it. I could not get them out of his hands fast enough. I was trying to juggle the camera, Miles and get some eggs back into the carton safely...

I hope I can always remember his sweet and funny little stories. Good thing I have scrap books and a blog...


  1. Oh, this is funny and sweet! And oh my is he a cutie!!
    My blog is for exactly this - remembering the sweet moments of my children's childhood. Thanks for sharing! {grin}

  2. So adorable, Leslee! One day, several years ago, Quinn came into our bedroom telling us he tried to make us breakfast. Expecting bread and butter, we asked "What is for breakfast?" He said scrambled eggs and toast! He was about Mason's age, so we panicked too. Turns out, he only got so far as taking the eggs out. Said he didn't know how to work the microwave, so came to get us for help ;)

  3. THis is just hysterical! What a cute, smart kid. And he totally recognized that you were busy with Miles, meaning his perfect moment!!


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