Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Holiday Time 2009

Me and my beautiful sister, Katie. Baby Liam is keeping warm in her tummy for the time being.

This is my Granny Swan, she is my mom's mom. Isn't she beautiful? I cannot remember the last time we had a picture together.

What else can I say- he is adorable and he is all ours.

My brother and Curt went hunting, a Mommy deer was killed, I can't say much more than that it makes me sad.

My Dad and Miles catching a nap... Aren't they lucky?

I managed to get a picture of everyone but my Mom..... Sorry Mom, maybe next time.

We had a great holiday and enjoyed some great food.


  1. OK, you could have left the Mommy Deer part out, but the rest was great! LOL

  2. WHAT!?!? You moved?!?!?! I haven't checked blogs in so long and just caught up on you!!!

    You've got to be kidding!

  3. Looks like you had a great family day! And your dad with Miles is just the perfect picture. Miles looks like he is growing so big, too fast!

  4. Hey, this is Katie...I live in your old neighborhood and you recently put one of your cards in my mailbox. i have written to your Kiki and Lele email address and haven't gotten a response so i decided to try this!!! I am interested in some stamped jewelry!!! I love it all!!! you can email me at or call me at 615-945-5677 when you get a chance. I know you are busy with your little ones.


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