Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ok, so I really do not get tired of bragging on my honey! You may get tired of it, but I do not...
I am busy making an office for myself and a crafting space... I had no chair when we were all done putting things together, you think we would have thought of the chair, but No, we did not!
Soooo, we have been on the look out for a chair, but not seriously- just kind of. I was really looking for a deal- something beat up and old that I could fix up... But like I said, I was not serious about looking.
Well, Curt got out of the gym one morning and took Mason by the Goodwill to look for a chair. He found this little gem for only {$4.99}. Can you believe that? What a steal. It is totally comfortable too! I cannot wait to fix 'er up. There is just one problem, I have NEVER re-done any piece of furniture...
HELP: I need suggestions on what to do to re-finish the little baby... I mean, what kind of paint, do I sand, do I need primer? I have NO clue.... I would love to use spray paint, is that possible on wood? I mean it, I really need help!
Also, if you have any colors that you like tell me. I am leaning towards {burnt orange.}

Please let me know what you think...


  1. Yummy, orange!

    When Scott redid my furniture my Grandma gave me he bought some stuff that you brush on and let it sit and it eats the laquer off, then he scraped it with a scraper, then he just sanded, stained & relaquered. It was surprisingly easy.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product. I love the burnt orange idea. And I bet you can find it in spray paint that will work on that chair. I'm clueless though...I would head to Home Depot and ask away!

    I got my button working on my blog....that would be great if you would link me! Also do you have the code to link your Kiki & Lele button? I'd be happy to add it to my blog.

  3. Hey - what look exactly are going for?? Email me and I can walk you through it!

  4. Loving the burnt orange idea. This will be so fun to see!!!

  5. OOOOOHHHHH Me!! I love this kinda stuff! I just did some rocking chairs and a whicker chair to match.
    1. Sand it.
    2. Primer "KILZ" a must (spray can is fine your decision)
    3. Paint spray can is fine just use several coats. Lowes and Home Depot have a wonderful selection of spray paints.

    Burnt orange sounds good. If you want to start a buisness let me know. BeBe & LeLe. hahaha
    I want to see hpw it turns out.

  6. Hey Leslee!

    If you haven't already found the perfect burnt orange, have a look at these colours:

    @ Behr (Home Depot):
    New Penny S-H-210
    Pumpkin Patch S-H-250
    Crushed Orange 250B-7
    Bonfire 270B-7

    @ Benjamin Moore:
    Prairie Lily CC-98
    Abandon R-9916
    Brulée R-9929

    As for prep work, if the finish is mostly off the chair anyway, you shouldn't need to strip it. Wipe it down with TSP (TriSodium Phosphate at Home Depot). Rinse. Let dry. Give it a light sanding to smooth out any rough spots.

    Then give it two good coats of interior satin latex, for a soft, low sheen that give it added durability.



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