Saturday, July 19, 2008

We wnet to the beach...

Ha, Ha just kidding ya! But you thought we did by the lovely picture of my pink toes fondling the sand, huh?
Mom and Dad bought Mason this sand turtle box. He is not too sure what to think of it yet. We are working on keeping the sand in the box (same for the bathtub, only with water).
So far we have ended up with sand in Mason's eyes, hair, clothes and in Mommy's eyes too... He will learn fast at this pase...
Checking out his new toy...
Daddy working hard to get the sand in nice and even... He would not have spent so much time if he knew that Mason was plotting to throw it all out on the ground.... What can ya do???

Thanks Mom and Dad. We hope to get some better pictures in the days to come. This definitely gives us something fun to do right in the back yard... I gotta keep the lid on though, Beesley was already scoping it out.!.


  1. Yes, this is why Alex no longer has his sandbox too!

  2. I'm sure he will grow to love it, maybe too much! Cole absolutely loves to play in sand and loves to throw it and get it all over everything and everyone. That is why we have yet to get a sand box. :)


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