Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take a look...

Hello All!!!

Please take a look at my side bar- just to the left. There are two new blog buttons- I am in LOVE with these blogs. Kiki & Lele is working on a {give-a-way} with "The Secret is in the Sauce" and it is going to ROCK!!! Keep in touch with K & L to see when it will be and also so you can maybe win a kickin' piece of jewelry and maybe even score a major discounts!!!

We are also possibly working on a {give-a-way} with "Charmed, I'm Sure," which is also a fabulous BLOG!

My point: Go and check out my new friends and if you like them, add their buttons to your blog... Leave them a comment, we all love comments... Even me! hint...hint....


  1. Love the new blogs...and a giveaway for K&L...I'm in. :) So cool. I'm loving your stuff!!


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