Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am not picking up the dozens of cars in the living room, I am not loading the dishwasher, and not hanging the rest of the laundry... Somethings just have to wait until tomorrow.
Right now on my mind is the FaBuLouS day that Mason and I had... I hope you enjoy the pictures of our visit to the park... We sure did :) My silly guy with his snuggly (he calls it "nuggli")
Trying to swing by himself, he is still not ready, but the try is worth it for sure.
I love it when he tries for things out of his reach. He is always reaching high!
Mason's new favorite playmate in the bath tub. He calls him "Daddy" hummmm, wonder why? Red hair maybe? Dirt bike digs, maybe?

Mason is in LOVE with this horse by the playground. He makes very loud horsey sounds every time he sees this pretty girl. I have thought of asking the people who own her if he can pet her, but then I thought that we might have to pet her every time we go to the park, and we go

Bug's, we love BUG'S!
Mason ate a flower, it did not seem to bother him much... It is crazy a few months ago I would have been taking a sample and calling poison control and the pediatrician.... I am getting a bit more settled with having a boy. I think Mason ate 2 bugs already this month, that I know of....


  1. We love the playground too! There is a small horsefarm near by that you can visit, I'll see if I can find the information for you.

  2. How great are you?! Let's be friends. I figured out my button so just link back to Charmed, I'm Sure for the code. :) Beautiful jewelry. Wanna be featured? A giveaway perhaps? Let me know!



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