Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gimminy Crickets Batman

I did it! You will not believe me when I say it was all "Me." I really have been stressing of this for a whole day. Yes, so silly I know. But I cannot stand it when I cannot do something on my own...

I like this lay-out. There is only one problem, I am not sure if the colors show very well. Not sure if I like it as much as my birdie? I really want a custom job for Christmas... We shall see....

I changed my link list to a "blog roll." Not too sure about this either... But it is updated so that is great...

Let me know what you think {comment}. I am dying to know if I need to go back to the birdie... I miss my little birdie, but I am not sure if I want to keep it until I can afford to have one made just for me...


  1. Hi Leslee -

    I love the colour palette of your new blog design! Green and blue together is one of my favourite combinations - especially when you throw in a little pink or orange ;)

    My only concern would be with the blue colour of your time stamp and comments link. It's tricky to read on the green background, especially when it lightens upon becoming a visited link.

    Oh - and I see this in a lot of blogs - is there a reason the header graphics are often so large? As a designer, I want my site visitors to see as much of the first page (or current post in a blog's case) as possible. I think you could snug-up your header to be a bit more vertically compact, therefore allowing your reader to see more of your sweet face, and that critical current post.

    Off to bed (if I can pull myself away from my computer!)


  2. Love the new blog! I think the colors show perfect. Glad you got it all figured out and back up and running!!!

  3. Your birdie was pretty cute! You did a great job with the re-do though. Hey maybe your bird should go in-place of your flowers. Just a thought they are too cute not to use.

    I am getting really antsy about remodling my "blog look" but I have to finish helping my friends with theirs first. If you ever have any ?'s with HTML stuff let me know I'd be more than happy to help. Great job and I ♥ the colors that you used, so girly it's great.


  4. I loved the birdy, but this new do is excellent, too. Love the colors, and especially the little bling in the flowers.

    Rachel is the BEST with help should you need it (not that I think you do). She redid my blog for me in one night and I couldn't love it more.

  5. I like it a lot. I do miss your little birdies though. They were my fav. You did a great job!


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