Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet "Joe Girl"

I have found a new blog that I love... The writers name is Joe, and she is awesome. Sooo, you ask- Who is this "Joe Girl?" Well... if you pop on over to her site you will see that she is your long lost blogger BFF! Her blog is a great read and she is also having a give-a-way right now... I really want the hand made cards.... What will your favorite be? You had better get on over to meet her before she picks someone besides you... Maybe she will pick me....
PS- Is there such thing as a "blog doctor?" I am almost at the point to where I am going to save my pennies to hire one to fix my links and to fix my ugly page.... This seems to be common- I am always needing to fix something. If I find Dr. McBlogger, I am most likely going to need blogger insurance.. Do you think they sell that at State Farm? Ha!


  1. Leslee, you are SOOO sweet! Thanks so much for hyping I am so hooked on blogging right now, my boys are suffering from too much TV!!!

    I am hoping to post a sample picture of my greeting cards on my Thrifty Thursday post. I use a very thin, black pen (.005) and sketch simple doodles, flowers, scroll, etc. I may then add some watercolour or marker in the details. They are very delicate and dainty.

    Thanks again - you are so very generous and kind ;)


  2. Joe Girl is the best! I love her blog and she's been so great about helping me get started on my painting projects!


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