Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay, soooo... I have a problem!

I have a serious problem. I am looking for a group to help with the addiction... Are you ready?


It's Blogging!

I am {ab-so-lute-ly} obsessed. I check my blog all the time for comments, secretly hoping for some. Silly, yes, I know. I actually go through the day observing my life, noticing things that happen and thinking, "ooh, I will definitely blog about this- FOR SURE!" Can you believe it? Even my hubbie is starting to notice my addiction to this blog-o-sphere. I was on the computer the other night and he totally mentioned that he thought that I might have a blogging problem. He said it with sarcasim, but after he said it I thought, "he is right."

So, my questions is, "what is a girl to do?" I have never really liked writing in a journal, I tried after Mason was born, but it did not last very long. I tried scrapping, but weirdly, it is way too private. I like to show off my family and share with others far and wide. That is way to hard shoved in a book in the closet because my 2 year old will just tear it all up if he could get his little grubbies on it... I also really like looking at other peoples lives. Lately I have been searching around just looking at new blogs and relishing in the fact that it seems that I am not the only person in this world with the same CrAzY addiction. Scary but true: "sometimes I even make notes of what I would like to blog about..."

So, the secret is out... Do you think I am crazy? Do they make meds for this? If they did, not sure that I would take them. I love blogging and it is not bad except for the carpel-tunnel that I will suffer in 20 years and the lasick that I will have to go through... Ooooh well!

HeLlO- My name is Leslee and I am a BLOG-o-HOLIC!


  1. O-KAAAAY!!! Can I just say Amen sista?! This post made me laugh so hard. And yes, it is 11:15 at night and instead of turning OFF the computer like an addict-free person would do, I clicked on my trusty google-reader button to see what new posts were happening. My husband rolled his eyes and said, soooo....I'll see you soon???????!
    Ahhh...I need help too. Let me know if you hear of anything that works.
    There is one thing that would help, Jeff set up our blog so that the comments get automatically sent to our email. That way you don't have to check your blog to read them....although sometimes, when I'm HOPING that someone, somewhere has made a comment, I'll check my blog. YOu know, JUST IN CASE, for some random reason, the comment didn't make it to my email. Yeah. They always make it... haha
    Okay, I better go. I just recently found a new blog, though, that I LA-OVE!!! I will have to post about it. AND, I too think, quite often throughout the day, "this is a blog-worthy moment...and start composing the blog entry in my mind. Ahh...I think I am going to start my own journal type blog since my private one is all about my boys. :) Okay, serioulsy, I should have just emailed you. You just hit a note with me there....struck a chord...whatever the saying is. I. Had. To. Comment.
    Hehe. This probably doesn't make sense because I have been up way too long on way too few hours of sleep. All right, I'm off.
    Talk to you later.

  2. What a great post Leslee! You are SOO not alone in the blog addict world. If I don't check my blogs daily I feel incomplete... And I LOVE to read your blog- you make some really fun and relatable posts. So keep blogging. :)

  3. When I grow up I just want to be you oh fabulous Blogging Queen. I LoVe blogging which you totally peer pressured me in to, I just need to find more time to do it! I need to make a commitment don't I? A commitment to my obsession. I make lists (don't laugh) and then when the time is passed I think its too late to blog about that...I'm going to give myself a few minutes each day at nap time. Lets see how well I do! Ha! Ha! :o)

  4. ** Everyone ** "Hi Leslee."

    Brittany: "Hi, I'm Brittany and I'm a blogaholic. "

    ** Everyone ** "Hi Brittany"

    Ok, let's go get refreshments.


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