Sunday, July 27, 2008

weekend pictures... POST # 200

Sometimes I get jealous when we go to Gran's house... This is her view from the back porch... So nice and relaxing and no one to bother you. Ahhh, I could live here...

Another beautiful picture just driving down the road... Curt was so funny, because every time I took a picture, he said, "I'll bet you are just going to blog about this- huh?" He has a love/hate relationship with this blogging thing...

Mason and Gran rode the "mo-mo" a lot. It was actually a four-wheeler, but it made mo- mo noises, so he thought it was a mo-mo...

Daddy & Mason riding the mo-mo!

Last, but not least, a picture from date night. We went to Jackson to watch The Dark Night movie... So much fun...


  1. Date night? What's that? Oh yeah, that's what we did before we got married.

  2. Dates are always great, and the second picture is fabulous!

  3. Your husband sounds like mine!

  4. What great open spaces! Hope you had a good time!


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