Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Do you....

Lately I have been trying to find ways to save $$$$. I have gotten pretty creative since gas has gone up... So I am making a post to get more information for all my bloggie friends...

Today, I had to go to Dollar Tree to get some mailers to mail some stuff out in. I, of course, had to browse the whole store. It seems they have really expanded. They had all kinds of stuff. Cleaning supplies, soap, kids toys, greeting cards and more... I was in heaven. I have not been to the Dollar store in a LONG time because it is all the way across town... The major one for me was cleaning supplies, they are soooo expensive and I use a TON of them... I am pretty stocked up for now, but when I run out I will be making a trip over there for more. Plus, Mason got 2 motorcycles for $2.oo. What a steal.... I would have spent $10-$12 at least at Wal-Mart. Not that we do not already have a billion cars and trucks and motorcycles, but the great deal was fun!

My question is.... What do you do {creative or not} to save $$$ on anything....? Lets hear it!


  1. The only money saving tip I can come up with is to stop having kids or never have them, heehee, sorry my humor for the day.

  2. My money saving tip is to buy kids clothes used. Gasp here... Yes I buy a large majority of my kids clothing second hand.
    I am picky with what brands I buy though. I usually always buy Gymboree, Old Navy, Gap & a little Childrens Place. They hold up better than wal mart clothes and when you can get a Gymboree dress for 5 or 6 bucks instead of 25. The savings says it all. My 2 cents... literally.


  3. Oh I also am a believer in the Dollar stores. Well I should just say I believe in cheap/clearance anything.


  4. I recycle saran wrap and foil. Just kidding. Just couldn't resist. I'm not the best at saving money, but I do try to always buy on special or on sale and I'm really good about saying NO to my children when they want impulse buys.

  5. OH, I also sell a ton of stuff I don't use on Craigslist.

  6. For us it's eating out. We used to eat out A LOT. We've really cut back and it makes a huge difference.

  7. Hey Leslee! Thanks for dropping by JoeGirl! Love your blog too!!! Quinn, my seven year old, is a riot, and jake, my two-year old, is just starting to say hilarious stuff. you will have a blast when Mason starts chatting with you. Get out a pen and journal and keep it handy!!!

    As for saving money on cleaning supplies, I have recently discovered plain old white vinegar and a microfiber cloth will clean, freshen and sparkle just about anything in your home. It has odour-fighting qualities, is great on stainless steel and chrome, and AMAZING on windows and mirrors. EASY!



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