Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jackson Family Reunion 2008

In Order: Mason, Pa Bill {Curt's Dad}, Elijah {Curt's Little Brother}, Me, Curtis and Granny
Mason and Pa Bill horsing around... So, Silly!
This was pretty much the scene for the day, Mason running and Elijah chasing... Elijah asked me, "Does this kid slow down?" He was so funny because he took it as his personal responsibility to take care of Mason and make sure he stayed in line. Elijah is only 6, but he is wise beyond his years.
Curt, Elijah and Mason playing in the lake. Mason had such a good time and he really loves to swim. I stayed out to take pictures {excuses...} I really do not like lakes too awful much. I do not mind jumping in from a boat, but there is just something about getting into water that looks like the picture below that keeps me out.... Ewwww.
I have some crazy long toes.... Thanks Dad!
The reunion was fun. I must say that I did not get to mingle much, having a (almost) 2 year old makes it challenging to have any sort of conversation... Oh well, there is always next year.


  1. So fun! I love family reunions. And, your toes are not long. Mine have to be twice as long as yours, on top of an already long foot. :) Love the fun pictures, and happy 'almost' one year anniversary!

  2. I agree with your lake thoughts! I love being out on the boat and swimming, but not just walking in. Wierd, I know. But at least I'm not alone!! It looks like Mason had a ton of fun though. It's so fun to have older kids around - they love to entertain little ones.

  3. I don't like lakes either, ewww! Funny, I grew up swimming in lakes and creeks and in the heat of the summer my Dad would bring a bar of soap so we could bathe {in our swimsuits ofcourse} But it looks like you guys had fun, I always like going to mine, even if some of my relatives are strange and I can't understand most of their *hillbilly* language! Haha!


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