Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It is not hard....

... to make this little guy happy! Just give him a water hose a {wimmin} pool and some floating toys and PrEsTo! You have a happy little guy!
He is learning how to keep the water in the pool.... It is just way too much fun to spray all over the concrete, grill, steps, grass, Mommy, Daddy- sooo hard to resist.
Here he is taking a {dink} of the pool water. Fresh and so yummy. I definitely would not touch it after it has been in there for a few hours.
More squirting, he really loved the hose.
What makes your kiddos {happy} in the summer time...?
I just gotta know....


  1. We'll be over later to swim!! Haha! Wow that is a good size pool! Thank God for Mamie! (sp?)

  2. I can't wait to be get there so Kolby will have someone to play with.

  3. So fun for him to get to do! Cole does NOT like to water hose to get him wet- if he can play with it and NOT get wet, then he's ok. But we all know how that goes.


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