Monday, August 18, 2008

Stinkin blogger.

So, I was going to upload pictures from last weekends family reunion, but blogger is being difficult. So, I will just give an update on what we have been up to.

I have been missing my life, my son, my hubby, my blogger, my house work so much. I normally work a part time job and Curt and I alternate out on keeping Mason so he does not have to go to day care. It works out really well for our family. We are busy and we hardly ever see each other during the week, but we make it work. I work in an industry that has an extremely busy time of year (august). So for the month of August, I agreed to work full time to help out around the office. Thankfully, Mammie has been staying with us most of the month to help with Mason- she has been really great. The whole experience has been great. I know Mason gives her a run for her money. Well this week she cannot be here so Kacey, Angie and Nanna are helping us this week. I do not know how we would survive without such great family and friends. I really don't! Thank goodness that there is only 2 more weeks left. I have not done any regular house work in the past 2 weeks and strangely it is killing me. I cannot get back to my scheduled cleaning days.

New for me: I bought a used jogger this weekend at the consignment sale. I did not really need it, but I have wanted one since Mason was born. I thought if I bought it used then I would not feel so bad if I did not use it. Well, I have used it 2 times already. Curt, Mason and I went for a jog last night and then Mason and I went for another tonight. I am starting to feel a little sore, but I think my legs have been getting a pretty good work out from the bike- so that helps. Mason loves it because he can do great wheelies in it. He gets really excited! Just when I think I might want another kiddo, I think, how could I ever push two in one of these- that would be way hard!
New for Mason: If you know Mason, you know it is not new for him to be in love with anything that is loud and has wheels. He has been that way since formed his own opinion. But now he thinks everything is fast.
Me: "Mason, eat your dinner, please. We need to go and get in the bath!"
Mason: "Go, go, go- Mommy! Bath- Go, vroom!"
Me: "Silly boy, eat your bread please."
Mason : "Bread. VRRROOOOOM. go gO GO Bread...."
Bread: " flying across the room....."
The kid makes me laugh.

I promise to post some great stuff tomorrow- I have a ton of pictures so maybe I will sling a whole lot at you all at once... Check back, you never know with me!


  1. Sometimes blogger makes me so mad, grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Yes you need to hurry up, I'm having blogger withdrawals!

  3. If you can push my triple stroller you can push two in a jogger! Come on! We need more babies, everyone is getting too big! :( Ha! Ha!

  4. I hate when blogger does this.

    I've heard those joggers are a must. Have fun!

  5. Girl, we couldn't be coming at a worse tiem for you. you working so hard at work, trying to take care of Mason, getting ready for us which is in less than 2 weeks to stay at your house. I want to say Thank You to you, Curtis, and Mason for opening up your home to my family.

    Thanks a million,

  6. Sorry blogger was giving your problems! It can be difficult sometimes!!

  7. Have you ever been to I just came across it oneday and freaking love it!! Anywhoo the jewelry they sell reminded me of you. I thought you may take a look for some inpiration or just look for fun. Anyways, I hope it does you some good. -B

  8. Thanks so much for commenting on my guest post over at Angie's place. Your son is adorable:) LOVE his red hair!


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