Saturday, August 2, 2008

I never win!

But, this time I did! YAY me! I won the "Thrifty Thursday Give-a-way" that Joe Girl was having... Yay for me. I never win anything! Thanks Joe Girl, you Rock. I will post pictures when my gift comes in the mail.

Go Here to check out the loot. I must say that this is the sweetest, most personal thing anyone has done for me. She does not really know me except for the blogging world. If you are looking for a set of cards for your stash, consider visiting Joe Girl!



  1. [go ahead and post this!]

    Hey Leslee!

    Your cards are ready! You can see them now at — a sneak preview until they arrive in the mail!

    I love every one, and hope you do too! It was something special to design this set just for you.

    Thanks for promoting Joe Girl ;)

  2. Your hair is seriously so cute. I covet it.

  3. Yay for you!!! Love the cards, they are too cute!


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