Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taking one for the team.

Curt rides a motorcycle to work when it is not raining out. This is a huge gas saver for us. He drives an 80 mile round trip, 5 days a week. I know he does not mind riding the bike, he actually loves it (except for the time it rained on his way home). I get so nervous because there are so many stupid car drivers out there on the roads. He is a safe driver, he has had training (when you work in law enforcement, you get lots). I just have to say my prayers and I always make him call me when he gets to work. I know he thinks I am totally neurotic, but he already knew that before he started riding the bike to work.

I love you honey, thanks for making the sacrifice. Our pocket loves you for it, the planet loves you for it and I think you look super HOT on the bike.


  1. Good for him! I'm sure riding a bullet bike is really hard on him :):):):)
    My hubby keeps talking about getting a bike of some sort to help save on gas.
    I would be nervous with all the crazy drivers out there too I don't blame you one bit for making him call. I would too!

    Hope that is a bullet bike if not I meant to say motorcycle. :)

    Did you get my email about bloggy help?

  2. Ummm....I would say super hot too, but I'm married and so is he, LOL!!! Just kidding just kidding.

    I'm so thankful Scott has a company truck or he'd be biking it to his pump stations, heehee!

  3. My husband has been bugging me for a motorcycle for awhile. The gas benefit would sway me big time, but it always rains here so he'd never ride it to work.

  4. I agree, he does look pretty good on the bike. :) And what a smart idea... I wish Joe could do that about 100 miles a day in his suit! ha ha ha... No, I'm really ok with him being in his car.

  5. cute new background! And way to save some money. Too bad it snows in utah the majority of the year...

  6. My husband has a bike he must ride due to the price of gas! I sooo know how you feel


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