Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sneaky, Sneaky....

My friend Andrea who moved away to Atlanta has a blog, she is new to our world (haha)! She totally did not tell me that she had a blog. I caught her with my statcounter.... I am so sneaky! So, If you do not mind, hop on over to her brand- spankin NEW blog and giver her some love.... She is so much fun and just a hoot, I think you will like her!

Welcome to the blogging world Andrea!


  1. I find people on my site meter all the time! :)

  2. You know Andrea?!! We go back - way back {high school}!! Funny!!!

    I will forward you the junior league stuff!

  3. Girl, you are so funny! I caught you talking about me. You are so sweet to ask people to visit my blog. I will try my best to entertain the blog world.


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