Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy, Busy Bee....

One of my college BFF's is having a baby girl. There is going to be a shower for her in 2 weeks and so I am working on a few projects for her. I already made *tHiS* for her and so the other day while Mason was down for a nap, I threw this little baby together... It is for the shower so people can write baby Emma Grace some notes for her to read when she grows up... I literally spent about $10 buckaroos on this- I already had most of the stuff. Of course I had to get some girlie themed paper and the little 8x8 book was $5.oo.

What a sweet name {Emma Grace} I can tell already she will be just like her Mamma- Look adorable, but she really is a firecracker when you get to know her...
Page #1
Page #2- places to write notes or put pictures after she is born.
More places to write sweet notes...
And somewhere for more sweet notes
A place for a picture or a birth announcement or whatever her Mamma desires...

Another place for a picture.
Somewhere for signatures of everyone from the shower, or pictures or the newspaper article from her birth...
More notes for Miss Emma Grace
Too sweet... maybe a note just from Daddy
And another place for a picture of Miss Priss, Emma Grace...
Emma Grace Reeder- scheduled arrival "The Day After Christmas 2008"


  1. OK........that is so stinkin cute. Where were you when I had my baby showers? She'll LOVE it.....she has to. Love her choice of name, too. I have an Emma and a Grace.

  2. That's so precious. Your so full of neat ideas.

  3. Wow! What a thoughtful gift...and super cute too! Emma Grace is an adorable name.

  4. You did a great job! And that looks like it took way more time than a nap!

  5. Wow Leslee you did awesome! I'm so jealous of your nap times! Ha! Ha! And your scrapping ability. I'm just a paper collector but you already knew that. I have a block against this stuff right now. I may have to figure a way to swindle two more of these out of you for Linc & Ruby Jane. :o)

  6. That is just the cutest thing. I have a new grandbaby (my first ) on the way and I love that.


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