Thursday, August 21, 2008

Throw Back.

These pictures were taken in January of 2006. This was before Mason (about 9 months). Wow, it feels like so long ago that these pictures were taken. We had been dating for a little over a year.... little did we know we had a little surprise in store for us.

Me and my love, what a great picture.
At the Nashville Predators game, hockey is a fun sport to watch.
I did not know then that I would have such a love for hand crafted goods. I bought this knitted toboggan one weekend in Gatlinburg. What a fun trip that was. We went to ski and it ended up being unseasonably warm, so I really did not need the cap, but it was a fun purchase anyways.
Ahhh memories. I cannot believe that on September 15th Curtis and I will have our 1 year wedding anniversary. Our un-traditional journey has been so great, I just cannot wait for many more years to come.
pssssst- I need help on an anniversary present... I hear one year is paper, maybe I will have Joe Girl make a sweet card for me to write in.


  1. Happy almost Anniversary!! You guys have had an amazing journey together and it will only get better, I just know it. Someday I will really get to spend time with you and Curt and get to know him better. We need to start planning our trip for next summer.... this whole baby business has thrown a loop in things. But we will still work it out- PROMISE!

  2. What cute pictures! So cute........

  3. So romantic, you guys just make me want to puke! Nah, just kidding. But seriously my husband could take some pointers from Curtis. It's always like pulling teeth to get him to pose for me.

  4. Look at you and your long hair girlfriend. I almost forgot how long it was! You & Curt are too stinkin' cute.


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