Monday, August 25, 2008

No stress...

Do not get stressed about all of the posts at once, you can spread your comments out over the course of a few days if you like.... HaHa. I just have had NO time lately and tonight I did, so I thought I might let you see what I have been up too. Hope you enjoy!



  1. I know your not talking about me! Haha!

  2. Hey girl, how have you been? I see you found me lurking around your blog. HA HA! I love the jewelry, I need to get me a pretty necklace. I am new at all this blogging. So, I would like to put your jewelry logo on my blog but not sure how to do it. So , if you have time let me know. Like Kim's small words, I would like to put her logo as well. I see you check her blog too. Did you see the STella picture? It is mine , I can not wait to get it and give it to Matt and Amy Lovitt, it is for their new little girl. So, are you just doing the jewelry and not working at the apartments anymore? Hope all is well with your family, Mason is getting so big! Miss seeing you.


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