Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The time is upon us.

I have never been a huge Halloween fan. This most likely comes from my Mom not being a huge fan and so we never really celebrated when I was growing up... I can understand because she was not into the "ghouls and goblins and scary stuff" thing. I can actually totally understand now that I have Mason.
I am really excited to decorate this year because I know he will love picking stuff out and helping me. I had to run by Michael's on my way home and I was totally in love with the decorations. They are "happy" Halloween decorations, even the skull is smiling..: )
Also, I am thinking that I may do a Halloween theme for Mason's Birthday this year. He will be 2 and his birthday is October 4. Let me know what you think.... Is the 4th too early to have a Birthday Halloween party? Thoughts, please.

Happy skull bucket... I can so do this, and I just may... Never know....
Styrofoam pumpkins. I think I need some of these... They are pretty expensive, but I would not have to worry about the pumpkin getting smashed or about it getting rotten... Downfall- you cannot carve a Styrofoam pumpkin. Well, if you did it would not look too hot.
My fav-0-rite, the happy, smiley pumpkin... I think Mason would really like him.


  1. I don't think the 4th is too early!

  2. Cute Cute Cute!

    I think a costume party would be so cool! You know I expect to be invited, if you don't invite my little boy I'll egg your house on halloween, hahahha, I quack myself up.

    I can't wait to decorate either. I bought some stuff last year that I'm already dying to pull out of the attic. And you won't be the only ghoul or goblinless person, we don't do scary either, and the kids aren't allowed to pick costumes that are evil or scary. Part of being a christian I guess. But that's ok. I like who I am.

  3. I LOVE Halloween decor. And I think a Halloween themed birthday party would be so fun for Mason. Its a great idea.... now I need to get thinking about Cole's party. Any ideas for me?!?!?

  4. Love the idea - I think the kids would have so much fun!

  5. I say party away! I have 2 Oct. Birthday's coming up. My 3yr will turn 4 on the 6th of Oct and then my baby will turn 1 on Halloween. So needless to say we party it up Halloween style around here.

    I truly ♥ "cute" halloween decor and can't wait get my new fun stuff out.

    Good luck with your party planning and can't wait to see what you come up with.


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