Thursday, August 7, 2008

blogger break.

i am taking a time-out from my blog for a few days. i have so much going on, so much on my mind and i just do not really want to blog. i am taking a self-forced break. i am pretty sure i will still get on to stalk my regulars, but no posting from me--- that is until sunday night or monday. we have a family reunion this weekend {jackson family- curt's side} in chattanooga. i am sure i will have plenty to talk about after that. fun, fun, fun..... i hope you do not miss me too awful much, and i hope you do not mind... here is a list of the up coming events on my planner.

family reunion this weekend
kiki & lele event next weekend
kiki & lele event the weekend after that
labor day the weekend after that
hosting a baby shower the weekend after that
sits girls give-a-way the week after that
two weekends off to plan,
MASON'S 2 BIRTHDAY! oh man-o-man....
did i mention that i am working full time during the month of august?

wish me luck.... i will be back next week, just a short break...


  1. Good luck. Hope all the events go really well! Will "see" you soon! :)

  2. We'll all miss you lots and lots, but hope to see you pop into our comments boxes every once in a while!

    Hope your cards arrive soon! ;)

  3. Well, if you must take a break I suppose that'll be ok. Have fun at your reunion!

  4. Good luck! Have fun at your reunion and give Grandma a kiss for me!


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