Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet Mammie

It is no secret among our family that Mammie and I have had our words. Both of us being women who speak what we feel, this has been hard to work around sometimes for the both of us. Lately {past 6 months} things have been great and she has been wonderful helping us with Mason when we are in a bind. She has not been feeling at her best and we feared that something was wrong. Well, recently she made a trip to the doctor and she found out that she has Parkinson's Disease (Michael J Fox has this also). I am sure this is not so easy for someone who is so active and has never lived a slow day in her life.

So if you do not mind, please keep Mammie in your prayers, if you do not pray keep her in your thoughts. She is being very strong and wants no help, so typical of Mammie.


We love you. You are strong and such an inspiration to us all. Thanks for all you teach us and all you help us with, you are truly a gem.

love much,

Curt, Leslee & Mason


  1. So sweet, Leslee. May I ask, who is Mammie? Clearly somebody very special to all of you, but is she a relative?

    You are in my thoughts ;)

  2. I'm sooo sorry to that. I will definetly tell everyone I know that prays to say a prayer for her. Mammie and your family are in my thoguhts.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry!! She's definately a go getter. She'll be in our prayers and Alex will pray for Mason's Mammie too.

  4. We will definitely be praying for her. Is Mammie Curts Mom or Grandma? I don't remember.

  5. I'll say a prayer and think good thoughts. We love you guys! You know if you need anything just let us know and keep us updated. {Hugs}


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