Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Coolest Dad Ever

He rides a big {momo} with a really cool helmet and neet-o gloves...
Mason's favorite part about the weekend is getting to do (almost) everything that his Daddy does.
Mommy; "Mason, what does Daddy say?"
Mason: "Daddy- Vroom, Vroom- momo."
Mommy: "Does Daddy ride fast?"
Mason: "Wheelie- vrooom..."

It is very important to learn all of the parts before you become a pro.

Mason's favorite things and the things that make him SUPER happy are: Cars, trucks, school buses, dozers, motorcycles (most importantly- Daddy's), air plains, any kind of helmet and anything that may look like it belongs to Daddy! Oh yes, he is a Daddy's boy. Mason is pretty sure that his Daddy hung the moon. He loves to find the moon for me every night, he calls it the "mewn."


  1. He's just so super cute!! And yes, Daddy's do hang the mewn, didn't you know that Mom? Haha!

  2. I have to tell you that we just bought Cole his very own momo just like Masons! He was a great inspiration for Cole, who is now in momo heaven!!


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