Monday, September 22, 2008


So lately I have been doing a bit of exercising.... I totally need it. I have been lying to myself since Mason was born. I have still been eating what I want and drinking soda's.... That is so not like me pre-baby. So, I looked in the mirror and I said "enough is enough!" I finally saw what I have been ignoring for the past 2 years. I started back to the gym last week. I took 2 Zumba classes in one week, I cut out my soda's and went back to only water and i also had class again this week. Not really sure why I have been so terribly lazy, but I have been and that is the truth. I am not over weight or obese, but I am horribly out of shape and a little lumpy. So, here I am telling everyone that I am going to shape up those lumps and get back to my pre-baby bod {well, as close as I can get anyways!}

Wish me luck....


  1. Oh just stop it! You look FABULOUS and you are always so stylish. If you're going to class to make yourself feel better and get in a healthier spot - fine - but don't do it to be critical of yourself because you have NOTHING to criticize my dear. Sassy Lady.

    I know, I'm being bossy. :o)

  2. the cupcakes/ muffin tops, whatever you want to call them definately have to go.... you'll see, next summer, Ill be smoking and no muffin tops... LOL! Yes, you are bossy, but that is what I love about you!

  3. Healthier is always good, but I don't believe for a second that you need to lose weight. :)

  4. Hey....weren't you supposed to be emailing me? :)


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