Monday, September 22, 2008



I love this video, I hate my voice in the background. I sound so funny.... What is with my laugh??? If I sound like this all of the time, please do not tell me.... I could not bear never talking again...

Any-hoo, this is adorable and you can see the apple just packed into Mason's cheeks...

~ps~ I figured out the video feature. I had to use fire fox, but I did it and now I will drive you all crazy with videos all of the time....


  1. I love your voice, and your laugh. It makes me smile. Those are some good bites! :)

  2. Too cute! We have to make carmel apples for the Halloween Party. The kids would LOVE it and Mason could teach them all how to eat one. He obviously has it mastered! :o)

  3. How cute! You don't sound funny! Now I sound like the country hick that I truly am!


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