Monday, September 1, 2008

Yard Sale-n.

I went to Kacey's the other day and I could not help but notice a Yard Sale on her street. I saw this chair while going and leaving. But something told me to go back and check her out..... When I went back, she spoke to me... I mean she said I neeeeeeed you to take me home.... I told her I only had $5 bucks cash and she said let me see what I can do..... It was not long before I was squeezing her wide self into the back of my car.... I drove cautiously home and Curt gave me the most horrid look when I got home with her.... I will have to post some pics after my Mom helps me fix this little baby up.... I honestly remember this print, my grandparents had a whole set in this lovely stuff....

Funny story: Kim from "Small Words" came by to pick something up and I know she could see this ugly duckling sitting in the dining room.... I totally felt compelled to explain my self.... Kim, I hope you did not think I was a total goober stumbling over my words trying to tell you about her..... HAHA!

Lovely gold, bronze, creme and some splashes of that beautiful country blue we all remember so well!


  1. I think that used to be my grandmas chair. They toohad the whole set as well. Ahh thanks for the flashback of my childhood! Can't wait to see her all pretty.
    I have a wingback that I am trying to get covered but picking the perfect fabric is harder than I anticipated.


  2. Ooooooooh - I see her dressed in a lovely taupe velvet, or maybe even cranberry. How lush! The perfect snuggle chair!

    (you don't need to post this part) As for my 3-column template, you should see "Who is This Joe Girl?" on the left, my posts down the center, then my Google search box on the right. What do you see?


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