Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Maker

No not me.... My cat. I tried to have her fixed after the last litter, but I waited too long. I realized that her belly was getting a bit big so i took her to the clinic, you know... "to have it taken care of!" She was too far along, so they would not do it. Then i started to wonder if Beesley was a Republican, would she like to have her babies "taken care of..." Well, anyways, we have kittens and they are super cute. Here is a few pictures that I took last week. They are already bigger than this now.... If you live close and you like kittens, sign up here, we might even deliver it to your house....


  1. I wonder if we can sneak one down to my house? Smokey needs a little friend!

  2. WOW, who needs to have more babies when you have a kitty like Beesley?!?!? Good luck with those sweet little kittens.

  3. If you're panning on one of these babies as a birthday present you better think again sista! Ha! Ha! They are so cute but we will be admiring from afar. :o)


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