Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello 1982

This is Hysterical! I yearbooked myself. Go {here} to turn your plain old face shot into a lovely work of art like this. I think my Mom can appreciate this picture. I am pretty sure she had this hair cut!

Let me know if you decide to Yearbook yourself..... I would love to see which year you choose. I chose 1982, it was the year I was born...

How in the heck did someone get their hair to do this nifty little trick....? This {do} seems to defy the laws of gravity!


  1. She--you--almost looks like she's wearing a fur hat! Too funny!

    Thanks for your comment BTW. Glad you stopped by my site today :).

  2. haha! I looked at it and thought no way, that can't be Leslee, Alex looked at it and said "That's lezee" I'm going to have to do it later, I'll let you know which one I pick.

  3. I did not have this haircut, mine flipped under, not out.

  4. Oh Leslee! Your new style brings out your twinkly eyes and bright smile. I love it!!! ;)

  5. This made me laugh out loud!!! And your moms comment did almost even more. :) You are so funny...

  6. Your new do, does make your eyes sparkle. I've tried to yearbook myself, but I need to take a picture with my bangs off my forehead for them to look stunning like yours! :)

  7. I just spit my drink all over from laughing so hard! HILARIOUS! I have no clue how people got their hair to do those funky things. I did have the 'great wall of China' bangs...thanks to Aqua Net and a blow dryer! hahhaa



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