Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bar-B-Q Bacon Chicken Pizza

Curt has a strange love for all things Bar-B-Q! Everywhere we go he has to have bar-b-q dipping sauce, pizza, you name it... He has the same love for honey mustard, but that would just be nasty on a pizza....

It is supposed to be Bar-B-Q Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. But, we do not cook a lot of red meat, hardly ever do I cook red meat... I know... You think I am un-American. It does not bother me, I just prefer white meat to red, so that is what we eat....

This is a super easy recipe that I pretty much made up about a year ago.

1 can of crescent rolls
1 bottle of Honey Bar-b-q sauce {use as much as you like}
2 medium sized chicken breast {chopped}
4-6 pieces of bacon cut up {I used the pre-cooked bacon, so much easier}
Whatever kind of shredded cheese you like

~you can totally tell I made this up. I do not have any real measurements...

Preheat the oven to whatever the can says, take the crescent rolls and make them into a pizza shape, mine looks like an oval pizza... Roll up the edges and make sure to press out the crust underneath so as not to have a thick bottom crust, it will not cook well. Fill the pizza with as much or as little Bar-b-q sauce as you like, then comes the chopped chicken, then the chopped bacon, then the cheese.... YUM!

You are really going to like this. Plus, if Mason was a little older, I could totally make this with him. It is definitely kid friendly and small pizza's can be made from it as well... Maybe your kiddo's are old enough for everyone to make their own pizza's!

Have fun and eat up!

No comments about my super old pan, please. I think it is from the college days...
Ummmm. Deep Dish!

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  1. did smell really good when we came over! Yum! But ofcourse everything smells good when your pregnant! Haha!


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