Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Stuff. Sweet Stuff. Serious Stuff. Just Stuff.

I am not sure who taught Mason this, but I assure you, it was not Curtis or I. Tonight when I was putting Mason to bed, I was laying beside him in his BIG BOY bed ( oh yes, for about 1 month now he is in a big bed, it has it's ups and downs) and he passes gas. I ignore it like I usually do, but he starts to chuckle... Funny, I think to myself- who taught him that? Then he said, "I pewt!" "What? You What?" He said it again, "I pewt Mommy- with a little chuckle..." Then he starts to grunt, and apparently he now has the ability to pass gas when he wants to because out came some more. He enjoyed himself and had a nice little chuckle fest before drifting off to sleep... The whole time I ignored him, but believe me, it was funny and I was torn up on the inside...

Kiss- Kiss
At night when I put Mason to bed I lay down with him until he drifts off to sleep. Since he is in a big bed now, I cannot leave him or he thinks it is a game and he keeps coming out of his room. Anyways, back to the story. I was laying with him about a week ago and I asked him for a good night kiss. He gave me one and then said, "mo!" which means more. I gave him another and he kept asking for more. I think he got 20 kisses that night. He does this now every single night, it makes me shine on the inside that he loves my kisses and I love his kisses too...

Potty Time
Mason is now peeing on the potty. He will not do #2, but he is all good with #1. I am so proud of him, every time I take him he goes. He has it down pat. I think he gets a bigger kick out of doing it though. He has to tell everyone around what he did on the potty! Such a big boy!

Solicited Advice
Since Mason is going on the potty, what should I do about continuing potty training. He had a dry diaper for the whole last part of the day today. He will not tell me when he has to pee-pee, I have to ask him. My question is this: Do I need to put him in pull-ups or underwear? I am not a huge fan of pull-ups, so they will not be my first choice. Thoughts?


  1. Hudson is in to burping! Gross?! And he too, can just pull it up anytime he wants! But he always says, "excuse me!" Like that is going to make it okay??

    As far as the potty training - I'm jealous!!! Hudson went from 6:30 to 2:30 and didn't pee a drop in his diaper!!! But refuses to pee on the potty!!! It is killing me {financially!}

  2. Ahh the Joys of Boys! My 3 boys think that passing gas is the best thing ever. I too just have to ignore it. Sigh....
    As per potty training. I am a fan of going straight to underwear. Pullups to me are just another version of a diaper even if it says 'feel and learn'.

    I wound up going to our local good used kids store here in our town and bought a ton of underwear (which I bleached) that if he did poop in I just threw away I don't clean out poopy undies YUCK! They are only like 25 cents but they feel the accident more in underwear vs pullups.

    We also do the sticker chart. It started with a potty chart and when he had that down pat and filled up he got a new 'Cars' car and then we moved onto a Poop chart. He filled it and again another toy oh and lots of candy whenever he would use the toilet.

    He'll get it when he's ready though It's all about working with THEIR time schedule not ours. I have 4 down and 1 to go!! Wow I'm so windy tonight sorry bout that..


  3. That is HILARIOUS about passing gas. I can see him with that mischieviously sweet grin when he does it. Oh sweet Mason.

    Yeah for the potty! That is awesome. My advice is to take your time. You don't want him to go backwards if you go straight to underwear before he is ready to tell you he has to go. When YOU think he is ready though I'm all for straight to underwear. You will have to clean up some messes but the pull-ups totally just confused Ryder. We used them for the first 2 weeks for him to learn to pull up and down and get the hang of it - then he really "got it" when I kicked it old school and went straight to the undies.


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