Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pray for Carol Decker

I was blogging tonight and ran across a blog about Carol Decker's Story. She is a young mother who went in for a c-section and developed an infection that left her an amputee and blind. I am not posting this to make you sad, I am posting this because prayer works and she, her husband and her 2 small children need all of our prayers now and for a very long time.

Click on this link to follow her story. Carol's Story.




  1. Wow? I'll check it out. Seems like we kind of forget the possible scary stuff with pregnancies? I forget sometimes that 100 years ago every one of my pregnancies would have ended in tragedy!

    How lucky/blessed we are to live when we do.

    So sorry for that lady?

  2. Gotta check this out. How scary!

    Thanks for your comment today. It is always good to see you on my blog.


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